In people with diabetes, a buildup of ketones in the blood can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis, a potentially life-threatening condition. Learn more about what ketones are and when to test your levels. What are ketones? Ketones are a breakdown product of fat. Normally carbs—in the form of glucose—are the body's primary source of fuel, but when you don't have enough glucose, the body turns to ... Ketones are chemicals made in your liver, usually as a metabolic response to being in dietary ketosis. That means you make ketones when you don’t have enough stored glucose (or sugar) to turn into energy. Exogenous ketones are supplements that may help a person enter a state of ketosis, in which the body breaks down fats instead of carbohydrates. Learn more about the effectiveness and safety of ... Historia de los Letones. Un clan de habladores finlandeses conocido como los Livs se asentó entre los letones y equilibró el nombre con el de “Latvis”, que significa “despejadores de bosques”, que es la forma en que los pioneros alemanes y teutónicos medievales también aludían a estos grupos de personas. High levels of ketones in your blood or urine can mean you're at risk of developing diabetic ketoacidosis. This can be life-threatening, so it's important to be aware of your ketone level. On this page, we'll explain what ketones are and go through how to spot the symptoms. We'll also show you how to test for ketones using test strips, and explain what to do if your ketone levels are high. Ketones are chemicals your liver makes. You produce them when you don't have enough insulin in your body to turn sugar (or glucose) into energy.

Armar Pc Gamer / Edición

2020.07.20 18:33 Matiasfrodr95 Armar Pc Gamer / Edición

Hola gente, tengo un presupuesto de unos $100k y quisiera armarme una pc para jugar y editar audio en A leton y Video en Premiere, no busco jugar nada al palo, me conformo con que lo corra estable. Hace mucho me desconecté de los precios y quisiera saber si es un buen presupuesto y si es fácil de conseguir o espero hasta juntar más. Desde ya muchas gracias!
Aclaro: me refiero solo al CPU, monitor y periféricos es aparte
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2020.07.10 22:10 redwalljds The Ruin

Wrætlic is þes wealstan, wyrde gebræcon; burgstede burston, brosnað enta geweorc. Hrofas sind gehrorene, hreorge torras, hrungeat berofen, hrim on lime,
scearde scurbeorge scorene, gedrorene, ældo undereotone. Eorðgrap hafað waldend wyrhtan forweorone, geleorene, heardgripe hrusan, oþ hund cnea werþeoda gewitan. Oft þæs wag gebad
ræghar ond readfah rice æfter oþrum, ofstonden under stormum; steap geap gedreas. Wonað giet se ...num geheapen, fel on grimme gegrunden
scan heo... ...g orþonc ærsceaft ...g lamrindum beag mod mo... ...yne swiftne gebrægd hwætred in hringas, hygerof gebond
weallwalan wirum wundrum togædre. Beorht wæron burgræced, burnsele monige, heah horngestreon, heresweg micel, meodoheall monig dreama full, oþþæt þæt onwende wyrd seo swiþe.
Crungon walo wide, cwoman woldagas, swylt eall fornom secgrofra wera; wurdon hyra wigsteal westen staþolas, brosnade burgsteall. Betend crungon hergas to hrusan. Forþon þas hofu dreorgiað,
ond þæs teaforgeapa tigelum sceadeð hrostbeages hrof. Hryre wong gecrong gebrocen to beorgum, þær iu beorn monig glædmod ond goldbeorht gleoma gefrætwed, wlonc ond wingal wighyrstum scan;
seah on sinc, on sylfor, on searogimmas, on ead, on æht, on eorcanstan, on þas beorhtan burg bradan rices. Stanhofu stodan, stream hate wearp widan wylme; weal eall befeng
beorhtan bosme, þær þa baþu wæron, hat on hreþre. þæt wæs hyðelic. Leton þonne geotan ofer harne stan hate streamas un...
...þþæt hringmere hate þær þa baþu wæron. þonne is ...re; þæt is cynelic þing, huse ...... burg....
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2020.06.12 06:55 nothrithik More like

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2020.04.12 17:07 DeepLettuce [2020/04/12] N WEBSTER, LA; NW CLAIBORNE, LA; NE BOSSIER, LA

Tornado Warning
National Weather Service Shreveport LA
1004 AM CDT Sun Apr 12 2020

The National Weather Service in Shreveport has issued a

* Tornado Warning for...
Northern Webster Parish in northwestern Louisiana...
Northwestern Claiborne Parish in northwestern Louisiana...
Northeastern Bossier Parish in northwestern Louisiana...

* Until 1045 AM CDT.
* At 1004 AM CDT, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a
tornado was located 9 miles southwest of Cotton Valley, or 17 miles
north of Bossier City, moving east at 55 mph.


SOURCE...Radar indicated rotation.

IMPACT...Flying debris will be dangerous to those caught without
shelter. Mobile homes will be damaged or destroyed.
Damage to roofs, windows, and vehicles will occur. Tree
damage is likely.

* This dangerous storm will be near...
Cotton Valley around 1015 AM CDT.
Shongaloo around 1025 AM CDT.
Homer around 1035 AM CDT.

Other locations impacted by this tornadic thunderstorm include Spring
Lake, Rocky Mount, Leton, Ivan, Holly Springs, Lake Clairborne,
Bellevue, Couchwood, Evergreen and Lisbon.


TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest
floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, in a
mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter
and protect yourself from flying debris.


LAT...LON 3265 9361 3287 9364 3301 9302 3272 9286
TIME...MOT...LOC 1504Z 256DEG 46KT 3276 9357

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2020.04.08 13:24 doulabla You should buy something like this to record your own sparring

Everyone would be happy to record their roll but it s hard to find a friend ready to record you at the sparring time right?https://www.amazon.ft%C3%A9l%C3%A9phone-Letone-Paresseux-Universal-Smartphone/dp/B078YJ93HK/ref=sr_1_13?__mk_fr_FR=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&dchild=1&keywords=support+smartphone&qid=1586344581&sr=8-13
with this you can record every of your roll with out your buddy . I bought this and I am very happy I study every of my roll after the class and yeah I am improving a lot. I also see how of my roll with some guys always end on the same position.
this thing is flexible so I can set up every camera angle , you just have to put your smartphone in.
no this post isnt a commercial thing I am not working for this compagny ,this link is from amazon from France so I think it will not work for most of you but I post this just to show you what product I am talking
this is cheap ( 15 dollars ) I recommend you to buy one of this it s game changer it s also very fun to watch your best roll
ok right now with the quarantine it s kind fucked you only record you berimbolo your chair but after think about it .I really think everyone who want to get better fast should record his roll and since it s cheap it s a no brainer
ps: now I am searching some apps to with vocal command to record and pause when I want and yes since I bought this everyone in my gym is asking where did you bought this one and how much it cost
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2020.04.02 03:06 Jareix A formal invitation for all to the "Khep 'ja" sallokain festival!

A rather... hackjob transmission would be broadcast along a variety of public frequencies, or at least ones it could reach (not too many). It would mostly be audio, with the video of it being unfortunately rather garbled and unclean, with a rather unnerving red filter. But at least what could be heard would be relatively clear, though with some hiccups and artifacts periodically. Still, the message was relatively easy to figure, spoken in broken galactic common but nonetheless intelligible.
to summarise/translate: "Please come to our celebration! We normally invite strangers and neutral parties to it, but unfortunately, we've run out of strangers to invite. So now we are trying to get others in the galactic nations to join in.also, we don't have the tech to spread this message very far so we ask you for your help in spreading the word. thank you."
[transmission begins]______________
"Greeting all! I own the name Dreijo G'knal, and am speaker voice(diplomatic representative) in place of to the together-treiach (treiachian union)."Khep 'ja" is thinked to be many-practiced as old as letons themselves, time-forwardn't-goed(dating back) to they's start-times(beginning) as a very-old-big-mix-groups(tribe). Once a solar spincircle(year), for four-and-three planet spincircles(day)Leton head-place(capital) will bring-call[invite] not-family(strangers), not-friends (neutral parties), and even occasionally friendn'ts(enemies) encouraging allegiances by mingling citizens in a very-big... uh..."they gesture with their hands, sorta mimicking a dance."making-joy-for-very-many-people-dur-many-day (celebration)"They say, somewhat confidently, though not entirely sure."However, for the one'st [year] belonging-to-all-time (ever), credit-to the very-good time-recent planetwide unity, we have finded manyn't [strangers] to [invite] to us's-own [capital], so we long-give[extend] to you'ses the [invitation] and hoping you'ses will say-yes and join us's!"
'extra, please give speaked words to others. us is oldn't for the many-stars and haven't the maked-do-things to many-give to many. us thank you for your helps'___________
[transmission ends]
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2020.03.08 13:55 RodeoLeoLicker I met brother Simp irl

Not religious, just forced belief from family.
So I just went to church earlier, without really caring much about it in the first place.
But what got my attention was that there was this SIMP, like this teen was one of the altar boys in the mass.
But boy was he a SIMP, this bitch be passing the bread from each side proportionately through left-right-left right because he was in charge of passing the bread for 2 lines.
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2020.02.20 10:21 cullin1 When Everything Was New Sample

Not sure if this has been discovered yet but was browsing splice and found the intro sample to WEWN.
Its called "cw2_arp90_leton_F#m.wav" from Chillwave 2
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2020.01.26 15:11 Yung-Pion Lol what a simp(leton)! I bet he doesn’t even watch the gameplay!! 🤣🤣🤣

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2019.12.17 14:51 cm775 Hwæt. We Gardena in geardagum,

Hwæt. We Gardena in geardagum,
þeodcyninga, þrym gefrunon,
hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon.
Oft Scyld Scefing sceaþena þreatum,
monegum mægþum, meodosetla ofteah,
egsode eorlas. Syððan ærest wearð
feasceaft funden, he þæs frofre gebad,
weox under wolcnum, weorðmyndum þah,
oðþæt him æghwylc þara ymbsittendra
ofer hronrade hyran scolde,
gomban gyldan. þæt wæs god cyning.
ðæm eafera wæs æfter cenned,
geong in geardum, þone god sende
folce to frofre; fyrenðearfe ongeat
þe hie ær drugon aldorlease
lange hwile. Him þæs liffrea,
wuldres wealdend, woroldare forgeaf;
Beowulf wæs breme blæd wide sprang,
Scyldes eafera Scedelandum in.
Swa sceal geong guma gode gewyrcean,
fromum feohgiftum on fæder bearme,
þæt hine on ylde eft gewunigen
wilgesiþas, þonne wig cume,
leode gelæsten; lofdædum sceal
in mægþa gehwære man geþeon.
Him ða Scyld gewat to gescæphwile
felahror feran on frean wære.
Hi hyne þa ætbæron to brimes faroðe,
swæse gesiþas, swa he selfa bæd,
þenden wordum weold wine Scyldinga;
leof landfruma lange ahte.
þær æt hyðe stod hringedstefna,
isig ond utfus, æþelinges fær.
Aledon þa leofne þeoden,
beaga bryttan, on bearm scipes,
mærne be mæste. þær wæs madma fela
of feorwegum, frætwa, gelæded;
ne hyrde ic cymlicor ceol gegyrwan
hildewæpnum ond heaðowædum,
billum ond byrnum; him on bearme læg
madma mænigo, þa him mid scoldon
on flodes æht feor gewitan.
Nalæs hi hine læssan lacum teodan,
þeodgestreonum, þon þa dydon
þe hine æt frumsceafte forð onsendon
ænne ofer yðe umborwesende.
þa gyt hie him asetton segen geldenne
heah ofer heafod, leton holm beran,
geafon on garsecg; him wæs geomor sefa,
murnende mod. Men ne cunnon
secgan to soðe, selerædende,
hæleð under heofenum, hwa þæm hlæste onfeng.
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2019.12.16 17:12 DeepLettuce [2019/12/26] TORNADO WARNING [C

1008 AM CST MON DEC 16 2019

* UNTIL 1100 AM CST.
LAT...LON 3258 9362 3264 9368 3298 9326 3276 9307
TIME...MOT...LOC 1608Z 232DEG 31KT 3263 9362

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2019.11.12 13:06 MarleyEngvall geneva conventions has been created

By Charles Dickens CHAPTER VI. Philanthropy in Minor Canon Corner. THE Reverend Septimus Crisparkle (Septimus, because six little brother Crisparkles before him went out, one by one, as they were born, like six weak little rush- lights, as they were lighted) having broken the thin morning ice near Cloisterham Weir with his amiable head, much to the invigoration of his frame, was now assisting his circulation by boxing at a looking-glass with great science and prowess. A fresh and healthy portrait the looking-glass presented of the Reverend Septimus, feinting and dodging with the utmost artful- ness, and hitting out from the shoulder with the utmost straightness, while his radiant features teemed with in- nocence, and soft-hearted benevolence beamed from his boxing-gloves. It was scarcely breakfast-time yet, for Mrs. Crispar- kle——mother, not wife, of the Reverend Septimus——was only just down, and waiting for the urn. Indeed, the Reverend Septimus left off at this very moment to take the pretty old lady's entering face between his boxing- gloves and kiss it. Having done so with tenderness, the Reverend Septimus turned to again, countering with his left, and putting in his right, in a tremendous man- ner. "I say, every morning of my life, that you'll do it at last, Sept," remarked the old lady, looking on; "and so you will." "Do what, Ma dear?" "Break the pier-glass, or bust a blood-vessel." "Neither, please God, Ma dear. Here's wind, Ma. Look at this!" In a concluding round of great severity, the Reverend Septimus administered and escaped all sorts of punish- ment, and wound up by getting the old lady's cap in Chancery——such is the technical term used in scientific circles by the learned in the Noble Art——with a lightness of touch that hardly stirred the lightest lavender or cherry riband on it. Magnanimously releasing the de- feated, just in time to get his gloves into a drawer, and feign to be looking out of window in a contemplative state of mind when a servant entered, the Reverend Septimus then gave place to the urn and other prepar- ations for breakfast. These completed, and the two alone again, it was pleasant to see (or would have been, if there never was) the old lady standing to say the Lord's Prayer aloud, and her son, Minor Canon never- the less, standing with head bent to hear it, he being within five years of forty: much as he had stood to hear the same words from the lips when he was with- in five months of four. What is prettier than an old lady——except a young lady——when her eyes are bright, when her figure is trim and compact, when her face is cheerful and calm, when her dress is as the dress of the china shepherdess: so dainty in its colours, so individually assorted to herself, so neatly moulded on her? Nothing is prettier, though the good Minor Canon frequently when taking his seat at table opposite his long-widowed mother. Her thought at such times may be condensed into the two words that oftenest did duty together in all her conversations; "My Sept!" They were a good pair to sit breakfasting together in Minor Canon Corner, Cloisterham. For Minor Canon Corner was a quiet place in the shadow of the Cathedral, which the cawing of the rooks, and echoing footsteps of rare passers, the sound of the Cathedral bell, or the roll of the Cathedral organ, seemed to render more quiet than absolute silence. Swaggering fighting men had had their centuries of ramping and raving about Minor Canon Corner, and beaten serfs had had their centuries of drudging and dying there, and powerful monks had had their centuries of being sometimes useful and some- times harmful there, and behold they were all gone out of Minor Corner, and so much the better. Perhaps one of the highest uses of their ever having been there, was, that there might be left behind that blessed air of tran- quility which pervaded Minor Canon Corner, and that serenely romantic state of mind——productive for the most part of pity and forbearance——which is engendered bya sorrowful story that is all told, or a pathetic play that is played out. Red-brick walls harmoniously toned down in colour by time, strong-rooted ivy, latticed windows, panelled- rooms, big open beams in little places, and stone-walled gardens where annual fruit yet ripened upon monkish trees, were the principal surroundings of pretty old Mrs. Crisparkle and the Reverend Septimus as they sat at breakfast. "And what, Ma dear," inquired the Minor Canon, giving proof of a wholesale and vigorous appetite, "does the letter say?" The pretty old lady, after reading it, had just laid it down upon the breakfast-cloth. She handed it over to her son. Now the old lady was exceedingly proud of her bright eyes being so clear that she could read writing without spectacles. Her son was also so proud of the circumstance, and so dutifully bent on her deriving the utmost pos- sible gratification from it, that he had invented the pre- tence that he himself could not read writing without spectacles. Therefore he now assumed a pair, of grave and prodigious proportions, which not only seriously in- convenienced his nose at his breakfast, but seriously impeded his perusal of the letter. For he had the eyes of a microscope and a telescope combined, when they were unassisted. "It's from Mr. Honeythunder, of course," said the old lady, folding her arms. "Of course," assented her son. He then lamely read on:—— "Haven of Philanthropy, "Chief Offices, London, Wednesday. "DEAR MADAM,—— "'I write in the' In the what's this? What does he write in?" "in the chair," said the old lady. The Reverend Septimus took off his spectacles, that he might see her face, as he exclaimed,—— "Why, what should he write in?" "Bless me, Bless me, Sep," returned the old lady, lady, "you don't see the context! Give it back to me, my dear." "Glad to get his spectacles off (for they always made his eyes water), her son obeyed, murmuring that his sight for reading manuscripts got worse and worse daily. "'I write,'" his mother went on, reading very per- picuously and precisely, "'from the chair, to which I shall probably be confined for some hours.'" Septimus looked at the row of chairs against the wall, with a half-protesting and half-appealing counten- ance. "'We have,'" the old lady read on with a little extra emphasis, "'a meeting of our Convened Chief Composite Committee of Central and District Philanthropists, at our Head Have as above; and it is their unanimous pleas- ure that I take the chair.'" "'Not to lose a day's post, I take the opportunity of a long report to be read, denouncing a public mis- creant——'" "it is a most extraordinary ting," interposed the gentle Minor Canon, laying down his knife and fork to rub his ear in a vexed manner, "that these Philanthro- pists are always denouncing somebody. And it is an- other most extraordinary thing that they are always so violently flush of miscreants!" "'Denouncing a public miscreant!'"——the old lady resumed, "'to get our little affair of business off my mind. I have spoken with my two wards, Neville and Helena Landless, on the subject of their defective edu- cation, and they gave in to the plan proposed; as I should have taken good care they did, whether they liked it or not.'" "And it is another most extraordinary thing," remark- ed the Minor Canon in the same tone as before' "that these Philanthropists are so given to seizing their fellow- creatures by the scruff of the neck, and (as one might say) bumping them into the path of peace.——I beg your par- don, Ma, dear, for interrupting. "'Therefore, dear Madam, you will please prepare your son, the Rev. Mr. Septimus, to expect Neville, as an inmate to be read with, on Monday next. On the same day Helena will accompany him to Cloisterham, to take up her quarters at the nuns' House, the establishment recommended by yourself and so jointly. Please like- wise to prepare for her reception and tuition there, The terms in both cases understood to be exactly as stated to me in writing by yourself, when I opened a correspond- ence with you on this subject, after the honour of being introduced to you at your sister's house in town here. With compliments to the Rev. Mr. Septmus, I am, Dear Madam, your affectionate brother (In Philanthropy), LUKE HONEYTHUNDER.'" "Well, Ma," said Septimus, after a little more rubbing of his ear, "we must try it. There can be no doubt that we have room for an inmate, and that I have time to bestow upon him, and an inclination too. I must con- fess to feeling rather glad that he is not Mr. Honey- thunder himself. Though that seems wretchedly pre- judiced,——does it not?——for I never saw him. Is he a large man, Ma?" "I should call him a large man, my dear," the old lady replied, after some hesitation, "but that his voice is so much larger." "Than himself?" "Than anybody." "Hah! said Septimus. And finished his breakfast as if the flavour of the Superior Family Souchong, and also of the ham and eggs, were a little on the wane. Mrs. Crisparkle's sister, another piece of Dresden china, and matching her so neatly that they would have made a delightful pair of ornaments for the two ends of any capacious old-fashioned chimney-piece, and by right should never have been seen apart, was the childless wife of a clergyman holding Corporation preferment in London City. Mr. Honeythunder, in his public character of Professor of Philanthropy, had come to know Mrs. Crisparkle during the last rematching of the china orna- ments (in other words, during her last annual visit to her sister), after a public occasion of the philanthropic nature, when certain devoted orphans of tender years had been glutted with plum buns, and plump bumptious- ness. These were all the antecedents known in Minor Canon Corner of the coming pupils. "I am sure you will agree with me, Ma," said Mr. Crisparkle, after thinking the matter over, "that the first thing to be done, is, to put these young people as much at their ease as possible. There is nothing disin- terested in the notion, because we cannot be at our ease with them unless they are at their ease with us. Now, Jasper's nephew is down here at present; and like takes to like, and youth to youth. He is a cordial young fel- low, and we will have him meet the brother and sis- ter at dinner. That's three. We can't think of asking him, without asking Jasper. That's four. Add Miss Twinkleton and the fairy bride that is to be, and that's six. And our two selves, and that's eight. Would eight at a friendly dinner put you out, Ma?" "Nine would, Sept," returned the old lady, visibly nervous. "My dear Ma, I particularize eight." "The exact size of the table and the room, my dear." So it was settled that way; and when Mr. Crisparkle called with his mother upon Miss Twinkleton, to arrange for the reception of Miss Helena Landless at the Nuns' House, the two other invitations having reference to that establishment were proffered and accepted. Miss Twink- leton did, indeed, glance at the globes, as regretting that they were not formed to be taken out into society; but became reconciled to leaving them behind. Instruc- tions were then despatched to the Philanthrophist for the departure and arrival, in good time for dinner, of Mr. Neville and Miss Helena; and stock for soup became fragrant in the air of Minor Canon Corner. In those days there was no railway to Cloisterham, and Mr. Sapsea said there never would be. Mr. Sapsea said more; he said there never should be. And yet, marvellous to consider, it has come to pass, in these days, that Express Trains don't think Cloisterham worth stop- ping at, but yell and whirl through it on their larger errands, casting the dust off their wheels as a testimony against its insignificance. Some remote fragment of Main Line to somewhere else, there was, which was going to ruin the Money Market if it had failed, and Church and State if it succeeded, and (of course) the Constitution, whether or not, but even that had already so unsettled Cloisterham traffic, that the traffic, deserting the high- road, came sneaking in from an unprecedented part of country by a back stable-way, for many years labelled at the corner: "Beware of the Dog." To this ignominious avenue of approach, Mr. Cris- parkle repaired, awaiting the arrival of a short squat omnibus, with a disproportionate heap of luggage on the roof,——like a little Elephant with infinitely too much Castle——which was then the daily service between Clois- terham and the external mankind. As this vehicle lumbered up, Mr. Crisparkle could hardly see anything else of it for a large outside passenger seat on the box, with his elbows squared, and his hands on his knees, compress- ing the driver into a most uncomfortably small compass, and glowing about him with a strongly marked face. "Is this Cloisterham?" demanded the passenger in a tremendous voice. "It is," replied the driver, rubbing himself as if he ached, after throwing the reigns to the ostler. "And I never was so glad to see it." "Tell your master to make his box seat wider then," returned the passenger. "Your master is morally bound ——and ought to be legally, under ruinous penalties——to provide for the comfort of his fellow-man." The driver instituted, with the palms of his hands, a superficial perquisition into the state of his skeleton; which seemed to make him anxious. "Have I sat upon you?" asked the passenger. "You have," said the driver, as if he didn't like it at all. "Take that card, my friend." "I think I won't deprive you on it," returned the driver, casting his eyes over it with no great favour, without taking it. "What's the good of it to me?" "Be a Member of that Society," said the passenger. "What shall I get by it?" asked the driver. "Brotherhood," returned the passenger, in a ferocious voice. "Thankee," said the driver, very deliberately, as he got down; "my mother was content with myself, and so am I. I don't want no brothers." "But you must have them," replied the passenger, also descending, "whether you like it or not. I am your brother." "I say!" expostulated the driver, becoming more chafed in temper; "not too fur! The worm will when——" But here Mr. Crisparkle interposed, remonstrating aside in a friendly voice, "Joe, Joe Joe! Don't forget yourself, Joe, my good fellow!" and then, when Joe peaceably touched his hat, accosting the passenger with "Mr. Honeythunder?" "That's my name, sir." "My name is Crisparkle." "Reverend Mr. Septimus? Glad to see you, sir. Neville and Helena are inside. Having a little succum- bed of late, under the pressure of my public labours, I thought I would take a mouthful of fresh air, and come down with them, and return at night. So you are the Reverend Mr. Septimus, are you?" surveying him on the whole with disappointment, and twisting a double eyeglass by its riband, as if he were roasting it; but not otherwise using it. "Hah! I expected to see you older sir." "I hope you will," was the good-humoured reply. "Eh?" demanded Mr. Honeythunder. "Only a poor little joke. Not worth repeating." "Joke? Ay; I never see a joke," Mr. Honeythunder frowningly retorted. "A joke is wasted upon me, sir. Where are they? Helena and Neville come here! Mr. Crisparkle has come down to meet you." An unusually handsome, lithe young fellow, and an unusually handsome, lithe girl; much alike; both very dark; and very rich in colour; she almost the gipsy type; something untamed about hem both; a certain air upon them of hunter and huntress; yet withal a cer- tain air of being the objects of the chase, rather than the followers. Slender, supple, quick of eye and limb; half shy, half defiant; fierce of look; an indefinable kind of pause coming and going on their whole expression both of face and form, which might be equally likened to the pause before a crouch, or a bound. The rough mental notes made in the first five minutes by Mr. Crisparkle would have read thus, verbatim. He invited M. Honeythunder to dinner, with a troubled mind (for the discomfiture of the dear old china shep- herdess lay heavy on it), and gave his arm to Helena Landless. Both she and her brother, as they walked all together through the ancient streets, took great delight in what he pointed out of of the Cathedral and the Monas- tery-ruin, and wondered——so his notes ran on——much as if they were beautiful barbaric captives brought from some wild tropical dominion. Mr. Honeythunder walked in the middle of the road, shouldering the natives out of his way, and loudly developing a scheme he had, for making a raid on all the unemployed persons in the United Kingdom, laying them every one by the heels in jail, and forcing them, on pain of prompt extermination, to become philanthropists. Mrs. Crisparkle had need of her own share of philan- thropy when she beheld this very large and very loud ex- crescence in the little party. Always something in the nature of a Boil upon the face of society, Mr. Honeythun- der expanded into an inflammatory Wed in Minor Cannon Corner. Though it was not literally true, as was face- tiously charged against him by public unbelievers, that he called aloud to his fellow-creatures, "Curse your souls and bodies, come here and be blessed!" still, his philan- thropy was of that gunpowderous sort that the difference between it and animosity was hard to determine. You were to abolish military force, but you were first to bring all commanding officers who had done their duty to trial by court-martial for that offence, and shoot them. You were to abolish war, but were to make converts by mak- ing war upon them, and charging them with loving war as the apple of their eye. You were to have no capital punishment, but were first to sweep off the face of the earth all legislators, jurists, and judges who were of the contrary opinion. You were to have universal concord, and were to get by eliminating all the people who wouldn't, or conscientiously couldn't be concordant. You were to love your brother as yourself, but after an infinite interval of maligning him (very much as if you hated him), and calling him all manner of names. Above all things, you were to do nothing in private, or on your own account. You were to go to the offices of the Haven of Philanthropy, and put your name down as a member and a Professing Philanthropist. Then you were to pay up your subscription, get your card of membership and your riband and medal, and were evermore to live upon a platform, and evermore to say what Mr. Honeythunder said, and what the treasurer said, and what the sub- treasurer said, and what the Committee said, and what the sub-Committee said, and what the Secretary said, and what the Vice Secretary said. And this was usually said in the unanimously carried resolution under hand and seal, to the effect: "That this assembled Body of Professing Philanthropists views, with indignant scorn and contempt, not unmixed with utter detestation and loathing abhorrence,"——in short, the baseness of all those who do not belong to it, and pledges itself to make as many obnoxious statements as possible about them, with- out being at all particular as to facts. The dinner was a most doleful breakfast. The philan- thropist deranged the symmetry of the table, sat himself in the way of the waiting, blocked up the thoroughfare, and drove Mr. Tope (who assisted the parlour maid) to the verge of distraction by passing plates and dishes on, over his own head. Nobody could talk to anybody, be- cause he held forth to everybody at once, as if the com- pany had no individual existence, but were a Meeting. He impounded the reverend Mr. Septimus, as an official personage to be addressed, or kind of human peg to hang his oratorical hat upon, and fell into the exasperating habit, common among such orators, of impersonating him as a wicked and weak opponent. Thus, he could ask," And will you, sir, now stultify yourself by telling me"——and so forth, when the innocent man had not opened his lips, nor meant to open them. Or he would say, "Now see, sir, to what a position you are reduced. I will leave you no escape. After exhausting all the resources of fraud and falsehood, during years upon years; after exhibiting a combination of dastardly meanness with insanguined daring, such as the world has not often witnessed: you have now the hypocrisy to bend the knee before the most degraded of mankind, and to sue and whine and howl for mercy!" Whereat the unfortunate Minor Canon would look, in part perplexed: while the worthy mother sat bridling, with tears in her eyes, and the remainder of the party lapsed into a sort of gelatinous state, in which there was no flavor or solidity, and very little resistance. But the gush of philanthropy that burst forth when the departure of Mr. Honeythunder began to impend must have been highly gratifying to the feelings of that distinguished man. His coffee was produced by the special activities of Mr. Tope, a full hour before he anted it. Mr. Crisparkle sat with his watch in his hand, for about the same period, lest he should oversay his time. The four young people were unanimous in believing that the Cathedral clock had struck three quarters, when it actually struck but one. Miss Twinkleton estimated the distance to the omnibus at five-and-twenty minutes' walk, when it was really five. The affectionate kind- ness of the whole circle hustled him into his great-coat, and shoved him out into the moonlight, as if he were a fugitive traitor with whom they sympathized, and a troop of horse were at the back door. Mr. Crisparkle and his new charge, who took him to the ombnibus, were so fervent in their apprehensions of his catching cold, that they shut him up in it instantly and left him, with still half an hour to spare. 
from Collier's Unabridged Edition: The Works of Charles Dickens, Volume VI. P.F. Collier, Publisher, New York, old as heck. pp. 1126 - 1129
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Justo al cumplir diez años de su entrada en la Unión Europea, Letonia introduce el euro y se vincula aún más a Europa occidental. Pero esto no despierta el entusiasmo de todos los letones. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Ketones help solve cellular energy dysregulation by improving “mitochondrial function,” reducing premature cell death and protecting and energizing neurologi... Resources: The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Your Essential Guide to Living the Keto Lifestyle https://amzn.to/2tMiwBP The Keto Diet: The Complete G... Ketones have hit the headlines in recent years. There's been a lot of talk of Pro Cycling teams using them at the top races to boost performance and improve ... Finding no ketones In urine when testing with ketostix? Can you be in ketosis without ketones in urine? YES! If you’ve been having problems with ketones not ... Ketones are a brain fuel. They cross the blood brain barrier and can be used by brain cells. It's no surprise that many people in ketosis feel a boost of men... The ketogenic diet is the most powerful dietary tool to improve your health and longevity. It can change the way you look and the way you feel. It can slash ... Ketones are an acid that is the product of when the body burns its own fat. When the body don't get enough glucose from the blood to use as energy, it burns ... En 2008, Letonia también atravesaba una dura crisis económica. Un programa de ayuda a cambio de recortes en salarios y pensiones ayudó al país a salir de la crisis. Ahora los letones le ...