2018 annons

Directed by Mahmut Fazil Coskun. With Ali Seçkiner Alici, Tarhan Karagöz, Murat Kiliç, Sencan Güleryüz. The night long journey of the 4 soldiers discharged from the army. Sal Frieland (Owen) is a detective in a world with no privacy, ignorance, or anonymity; where everyone's lives are transparent, traceable, and recorded by the authorities; where crime almost ... ANNONS 5-piece cookware set, glass, stainless steel. Suitable for all types of cooktops, including induction cooktops. The glass lid allows you to monitor the contents of the pot during the cooking process. Anons is a story of a clash and a unity of two different parts – soldiers and civilians, who read and understand the world and life from two different perspectives. “Waiting in the East, moving in the West wins”, they say. The chaos and tragicomedy of this statement have been evident in Turkey for years. This blog is a guide for troubleshooting, tech tips & tricks. If it’s related to technology and can make things better for you, I will cover it. 2018-11-22 4 AA-160399-2. Title: document1535468602571619850.indd Created Date: 11/22/2018 2:45:26 PM ... Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets Title: KALLELSESIDA Author: Kansli2 Created Date: 1/17/2018 1:47:44 PM Directed by Andrew Niccol. With Clive Owen, Afiya Bennett, Morgan Allen, Jeffrey Men. In a world without anonymity or crime, a detective meets a woman who threatens their security.

I enjoy the high of ecstacy, but...

2020.07.23 23:34 canima90 I enjoy the high of ecstacy, but...

Skip to the 3rd paragraph and TLDR AT THE BOTTOM
I enjoy raving, (dubstep, hardcore, hardstyle, techno, house music) started pretty late in 2018 (zedd in the park Cali I believe) and after that went to many shows/events solo until just recently I went with some co-workers to rave and they have become a very close group of friends/ rave fam... Anyway. To all the events I've went to solo, I made cool connections and met cool people. some even offered me a wide variety of drugs that I politely said "no thanks" to.
To be honest the whole drug thing with raves never interested me. I didn't care if people do it you do you fam I'm not your parent, but please tests your stuff, and or don't go crazy with it that your tripping major balls that you can't functions anymore. I'm the guy that if I notice someone not totally there I'll ask if they are ok, or if they need anything... A rave dad of sorts, just looking out for my fellow ravers you know. (Working as a healthcare provider I genuinely care about peoples safety too... Anywho.)
So one of the biggest reasons why I never tried drugs (I've done weed, not my cup of tea tbh) is cause I'm alone and driving by myself if something happens I'm fucked, so I never risked it, but a few months back at a little co-worker kickback I tried ecstasy for the first time...
And BOOOOOOOOOOY did I love that feeling. I felt so happy, loved by my friends, the music was blasting, and the baseline was kicking, if I didn't love the rave scene/culture before I was enamored that night. I was lost in the music and felt like nothing else mattered all was good and I was at peace with myself and everything. Total bliss. I couldn't believe that is what I had been missing out on. We rolled the next night too and it was just as fun.
However when I arrived home the following day the comedown was horrendous... Maybe its Because there has been a lot of crap going on in my life, nothing major but enough that it's got me in a funk, that I craved that high again so much so that my body was telling me GO GET MORE YOU NEED IT.... GET MORE ECSTASY.... I was in a bad mood, for hours because I missed that happy feeling, But I knew better my mind knew I had to chill out and that wasn't a safe hole to keep on digging. I kept my mind busy till the next day when I finally cooled down. It was kind of scary to be honest is that what an addict might feel like idk.... But I will say that high I felt I'm definitely going to do it again... I miss it. Just typing this out I'm getting chills and excited for the weekend when I'ma be rolling again.... I had to tell someone and reddit was the place.
If you read this thanks for being an annon friend and hearing me out I hope you're safe and wish you nothing but the best, for those that rave sigh I know it sucks but all in due time lol.
TLDR ; tried Ecstasy for the first time ~ 2 months ago loved the high SOOOO MUCH and craved it afterwards, BUT I know better not to go down that rabbit hole. All in moderation.
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2020.06.29 00:18 ThrowawayyLma0000000 Its been almost 2 years.

From years 17-23, I (M25) was in a seemingly wonderful relationship with the only person I have ever truly loved and trusted in my life. We were great together, one of those relationships most people seem to yearn for: excellent communication, appreciative, fun, safe, and exciting at times. We rarely fought, and when we did, it was quick and effective. My SO at the time was around the same age but slightly younger. Everything was going pretty well for us heading into 2018 until I started to realize something was off with me. I began to feel more anxious than usual. I had panic attacks monthly instead of yearly, I was crying more often, and I started to resort to self-harm to deal with my feelings. Before this, my ex had mental health issues of her own, and I was always there to lend my support, and she had told me that she would do the same for me when I fell ill. However, when that time came, she started to distance herself from me. We gradually stopped having sex, we saw each other less often, and texted even less. I took this very hard, but kept it to myself and tried to tackle my issues alone. I started to notice more things like how she would answer for me when I was directly asked a question (she was pretty assertive) or how aggressive she was to other people (too many examples). It was difficult for me to discern if she was changing or waking up to who she was-- I imagine it was a blend. Either way, the relationship had changed. Come August; she's made a new group of friends that shared a common interest-cars. She was always a gear head and loved to work on cars but never had a circle of friends to enjoy it with. I did the best I could, but I'm just not a car person. So when she told me about this group, I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was happy she found a close group of friends; on the other hand, it was all dudes. I was insecure for sure, but I was not about to tell her who she could and could not hang out with. So I voiced my concerns and let her do what she wanted. Things were fine for a week or two, and then I started to hear this name "annon" more often. I asked her about him, and she was very short about it, which was weird as she had many stories about the rest of the "bois." Again I kept in and let it eat me alive. I started to become obsessively worried that something was going on. I finally confronted her, and she didn't take it well. I was labeled as controlling and ridiculous. She even said I could track her location to prove it. I did, big mistake. I started spending way too much time looking at the location. Whenever she went to hang out with them, I would check the location and ask for updates. One day we got into a big fight because she left the location and drove around for maybe an hour or so. I asked her what was up to no answer. Then I called, still no response. I figured she was just having a good time and not looking at her phone; I was probably being controlling. I let it slide. Come to find out that annon was "giving her a ride home." I confronted her about this hour-long drive with annon, and she was livid that I would even suggest anything was going on and again labeled me controlling. I believed her and apologized for being suspicious. Around this time, thanks to therapy, my mental health was improving (no self-harm and more meditation), but that was counteracted by the stress my ex was placing me under. Finally, the day came. She went to the bois for hours, at least 8 or 9. It was 2 am, and I had already texted her twice. I decided to let it go; I was probably being controlling. I took a dive to let off some steam and went to bed after I got home. I randomly wake at 4 am to a text from her jokingly saying, "sorry I missed your text, I'm with annon and might just spend the night lol." I fucking lost it. All of that pent up rage came out in a phone call. I had a rough panic attack while I waited for her to come over and talk. When she did, I just asked her as calmly as I could "do you have feelings for annon" she couldn't even look me in the eyes, just shook her head up and down behind the hands covering her face. I then told her sternly that it's him or me, you can't have both, and she stayed quiet for a moment before answering that she would need to think about it. I was in shock. I felt my world crumbling before my eyes, I felt all of my future plans with her collapsing, I felt the death of our planned children together, I felt all of my connections to her family dissolving. All at once, at that moment, I was traumatized. We stayed mute for what felt like hours. We just sat together in silence, breaking only momentarily to sob. I don't even remember what happened after that if Im being honest. Thats where a chapter in my life closed with a wimpier, not a bang. After the dust settled, we tried to keep things going; she promised not to see Annon or me while she figured her self out. I was still dazed and now heavily dissociating. I remember the day after this conversation I had to present at a conference and remember zero of it; it's just gone from my memory. The first detailed memory I have after this conversation was my ex's mom telling me my ex hung out with annon the same day she promised not to. I was still recovering from the latest news, and when this hit me, I was just crushed. I lost 14 pounds in 12 days, didn't sleep well, extreme depression and anxiety, but never went back to self-harm because I promised her. That promise was the only thing keeping me breathing for a while. Soon we broke up for good. She told me she was planning to stay single for a while, apparently "awhile" is roughly two weeks. I saw them on social media, heard stories through the grapevine, and I went over to grab my things from her house one day, and during a conversation as I cried my eyes out to her, she told me, "you are literally just some dude I dated for like 6 years". It was just too much to handle at once. I tried to kill myself on Christmas Eve 2018 by driving into oncoming traffic. I failed and was institutionalized not too long after. After I got out in February, I was still hung up on her, but not as severely. I had a few relationships in 2019 that went kind of well, had to break it off with one girl because I couldn't get my ex out of my head and it wasn't fair to her, she understood, and we're still friends. I've been single now for almost a year and Im good with that, Im still not ready, but its almost been 2 fucking years. Like, come on, I've been doing everything right. Im going to therapy, Im going to school (PhD Program), Im working on myself, but I can't get this b**** out of my head. I don't want her back at all now that I recognize how toxic the relationship was, but I just can't seem to stop myself from reliving this experience of betrayal. I sometimes zone out and relive weeks of heart-wrenching detail. I remember every word of that conversation we had when she told me she had feelings for annon. Those words rattle around my head daily, and they remind me of how stupid and spineless I was for letting that happen to me. Im embarrassed even to type this out because I know how palpable the signs are now. I feel like damaged goods, like Im not sure if I can even love someone again with this trauma looming over me. How do I put trust in someone when the only person I trusted hurt me so much. I don't want to pass this trauma along and hurt anyone by including them in my life even though I deeply yearn for some affection—Im fucking sad. There is so much more, but this is already a wall of text, and I got most of what I wanted off my chest. Thanks for reading
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[How Crusader and other memes are used by white supremacists]1
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By police:
Even if you're not concerned about racism:
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Author: legaladvicebestof
1: med*um.co*/@DeoTasDe*il*t**-r***ori*-tr*ck**traps-and*tactic*-of-*hite-na***n*lism-b*b*a**aeb84 2: n*.reddi*.co*/r*pi*s/**m*ents/e2*w9h/i_took_*hotos*of_t**_s*nse*_*or_a*co*ple_of_h**rs*f*x7mf** 3: www.pbs.or*/*ewshouna*io*/fbi-white-su**ema*ists-i*-**w****or*e*en* 4: ww*.sfchr*nic**.com**a*ar*a/*rticle/SFPD*s-*e*ti**-scanda*-Cou*t-r**es-officer*-12955**3.p** 5: www.*nju*ticew**ch.*rg/i*tera*tives***ps-*roubling*f*cebo*k-**sts-r*v*a*ed/ 6: www.oreg*nliv*.co*/*ortl*n**2014/07*por*land_police_**p*_ma*k**r*g.*t*l 7: w**.buzzfee*news*co*/ar**cle/*ulia*einst*in/*order-pat*o*-**ent-*e*ts*migrants-sub*uman*s**a**s 8: www.fa*tc*mp*ny*com/405*52*1*pier**ng-s***d*c*n-be-exc*ssive-police-**rce-*e*eral*court-***es 9: www.*ashing***pos*.com/*ews/m*r***g-mi*/wp/*016***/21/po*i*e*c*ting-o*going**iot-use*wa*er-*annon**on-dako*a-access-*r*tes*ers-in-*re*z*n*-*ea*he 10: **w.a*lu*org/bl**/ra*ia**justic**a*er*can-i*d*an*rights/police*standi**-*o*k-are-using*l*fe-thre*tening-cr*** 11: *w*.*heguardian.*o**us*ne*s/20*6/nov/2*/*t*n**n*-r*ck-protest-nor*h*dako*a-shutd**n-e*ac*at*on 12: free*om.pr*s**blog/2*16/10/n**th-da*o*a*****s-immedia*ely-d***-its-*u*rageous-c*arges-agai*st*j*urnalis*-a** 13: w*w.motherjones.*om*envi*o*ment/2*19/*5/y*u-***l*-*et-***s**-time-for-prot*st*ng-a-pi*eli*e***-texas*even*i*-its-o**y*ur-l*nd/ 14: th**nter**pt.c**/20*9/0*/1*/*il*lobby-*ipeline**rotests/ 15: www.da*lasn*w*.c*m*new*/*olitics/2017/*0/05**exas-*g**en-paxt*n-faces*new-invest*gat****under-bribery*stat**e**v**-1*0k-*i*t* 16: w*w.l*ti**s.*om/*p**ion*ed*t*rials*la-ed-a*firma*ive-*ct*on-inves***a*ion-tr*mp-20170802-*tory**t*l 17: w**.tec*d*rt.com/arti**e*/*018**02*0*580340566*l*u*s*ana-p**ic*-appear-to-*e*using-h**x-antif**l***-created-8c*a**to-*pen-cr***nal-inves*ig*ti*ns.shtml 18: www.washingtonpo**.c*m**ews/p***-*a**o**wp/*01*/1*/08/g***hic**ideo-*hows-daniel*sh**er*so**ing*a**-begging-off*c**-for-his-life-before-**16-*hoo*ing/ 19: *ww.*he*ation.*o*/*r**cl*/police-ar*ested-th*s-cop-watc***ctivist-but***e*-rec**ded-***mselv***by-a*cident/ 20: www*yout*be.c**/w*tch?*=*rfZu*F*H8A 21: r*aso*.co*/blog/20*7/09/*7*po*i*e-*ni**-com*lai*s-t*at-*ublic*go*-t 22: www**j.co*/monmouth/2019/09/cop*-***-disg*ises*a**-tra*h-c*rs-*f-man*who-file*-comp*aint-*ga*nst-t**m-i*-s*unni**-ac*-of-*even*e-pr**ecuto*****eg*s.ht** 23: *w**ter.com*Int*eNow_tweet*s*at*s/1123*2377**8*09267* 24: **w.y*utube.c*m*watch?v=v*J5*1*M*ns 25: ww*.th*atla*tic.co*/id*as*archive/20**/08/thi*ty-*wo-sto*ies-*ef*rey*epst*i***ri*on*d***h/*96029/ 26: ww*.*nn.com/2019/05*29/us/**lwauke**inmate*deh*d*at*on-**wsuit/**de**ht*l 27: www.ne**o*s*rv*r.c*m/news*local/crime*a*tic*e*012262***tml 28: www***snews.co*/news/*h*-*e**h-of*tim*thy-s*uders/ 29: www.*iamiheral*.co*/n**s/local/com**n*ty*m*ami-d***/article41*977***htm* 30: www.*ass**ve.com/ne*s/i**ex.ssf*2018/06***lice_***tain_pay_numbers**r**ht** 31: w*w*washing*o**ost*com/loc*l/p*blic-safe*y/**l**mor*-pol*ce*det*ctive-*at*l*y-sh*t-in-*ead-w*th-own-gun-di**-clut*h*n*-ra*io/2017/1*/22/*4*8*b20-cf*4*11e**9**a-**b**af58c3a_**ory.*tml 32: time.co*/50285*0/r*nal*-w***s-chi*ago-*oli*e-**torti*n* 33: www.**xne*s.com/us*2**8/03**6*2-ca*i*or*ia-deputi**-*nder-in*es**gat*on-*o**elder-*buse.html 34: www.*ashi*g*onp*st.***/n*w*/**n*/wp/2017/07*17*jeff-**ssi*ns*wan*s-police-*o-ta*e-mo*e-ca*h-from-amer*can-*i****ns/ 35: www.*aily*os.*o*/*t*ries/2*17/5/**/166*046/-Tou**-o*-*rim*-J*ff-Se*s*ons-l**s-Citi*rou*-****w**h*fine-fo*-mo**y-launder*ng*across-the-b*rder 36: ww**se*ttle***es.com*seattle-n*ws*san-juan-*heriffs-*****f-c*urtr**m-camera-to*vie*-jurors-n*tebo*k-la**ers**ote*-*p*r**-outr**e-an*-di*missa*-of*c*im*nal-c*se/ 37: *h**ree*h*ug**project.*om/*op-fo*nd*not-**ilt*-d*adl*-s*oot*ngs-j*ins-new-dep*rtment* 38: www.*hr*n**om/*e*s*h*us**n-t*xas*ho*sto*/artic**/Former***S*-of*icer-a*mi*s-t*-fondling-mid**e-11170371.*hp 39: t*eintercept.co**20*7**1/02/nypd-r*pe**h**g**-new*york-law* 40: w**.w*shington*ost.co*/new*/post-nation/wp/2*17/11*0**nyp*-dete*ti*es-raped-a-t*en-i*-the*ba*k**f-a-**lic*-v**-a***r-*er*ar**st-pro*ecu***s-say* 41: www.theatlanti**com/nat*ona***rch**e/2*14*09/*o*ice-*fficers-wh*-hi*-t*ei*-wives-**-**rlfri*nds/*8*32** 42: www.youtub**co*/wa*ch?*=ET*7**OMS6* 43: ww*.the*tlantic.c***p*litic*/ar*hive/20*7/*7*wha*-d**-sh*o***gs*r*veal-abo*t-a*er*ca*-poli*ing/5333*9/ 44: **.com/870601/police-kil***g-*o*s-*s-an-e*id**i*-acc*rding-t**t*e-***tice-depa**ment/ 45: www.you*ube*c*m/wa**h*v*UAN*vFNc*hw 46: www.*ashingt**p*s*.**m*n*ws*mor*ing-mix/**/2017/03/*0*a**in*ate-di*d-after-*eing-l*c*ed-in-a*sc*lding-*h*w**-for*t**-hours-*is*guards-wont*be**har*e*/
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2019.04.20 05:52 CalClimate Electrify everything (household)

"Electrify everything + keep cleaning up the grid" (the electrical transmission grid) is a good simple recipe for much of a region's decarbonization.
Even if your region's power still comes largely from fossil fuel sources, it still makes climate sense to go electric, since it offers another form of Continuous Improvement: "As long as we are reducing carbon on the grid, every single electrical device is getting cleaner throughout its life." (source)
Among these things, getting the big things right matters most: "We need to focus on the half-dozen big decisions that we make irregularly, and make those correctly." (source).
"Intro" verbiage, and trailblazers' experiences, are at the bottom of the page. Your goal, if you trailblaze too, should be to do what you can toward making the experience as smooth as possible (and, the norm) for the 'next generation' of electrifiers. Remember that government action can help with this.
Big picture: You want your dinner to be cooked, not humanity's future. What's most important is 1) smart government action, and 2) tech. progress to create increasingly better options for policymakers (and for society). You help the former by getting involved politically (and by educating yourself&others), the latter with purchasing&using & then suggesting improvements ("talk it up, make it better") and with both, by talking to friends about this and also being the squeaky wheel at science museums and other institutions that haven't been stepping up to educate as they should.
"Making sure that [gov't] rules and incentives are aligned to promote boring-but-important technologies — that’s the real meat and potatoes of decarbonization in the next decade or two." (source)
but: "don’t do [these household things] expecting that by doing them you’ve somehow done your duty." (source). It's not the most important thing.
fine print: neither completeness of the content below, nor expertise of its writer, should be assumed. Also I do own some solarcity - now Tesla - stock, though not much. (This guy's the household 'electrify everything' expert, or so we're told).
Extended power outages (PG&E):
  • Can Solar and Batteries Outlast an Extended Power Outage? It depends... - kind of interesting, but not very technical, and doesn't give prices.
  • How to determine what inverter&battery you need to run your fridge from a battery, article
  • SF Chron Oct 2019 story on systems that may be able to keep delivering power through the PG&E outages. BioLite? (What about Zola...?)
  • Advice: when the power has gone off, go to your fuse box (circuit breaker box) and (precaution:) flip OFF all the circuit breakers for all your circuits with electronics, including your microwave, fridge?, heat pump (mini-split), and dryer. (But make sure you leave the circuit for lamps&such on, so you'll be able to see when the power comes back.) Then, after the power has returned, you can go and flip those circuits back to 'on'. (If you don't take this precaution, it could be an expensive lesson...on the other hand, forgetting to reset the circuitbreaker afterward can be a cringeworthy one.) (keyword PG&E)
Some options for owners:
  • (Can you build or carve out an accessory dwelling unit, to give someone a shorter commute? This would probably(???) make the most impact, among household things. See the 'housing' page for more info.)
  • Rooftop solar - you can:
    • rent it from Tesla. (info for Sept 2019 here.). (Others? SunRun, sunrun ceo nytimes profile)
    • Or buy it, multiple cos. will sell. (I read that small solar installers frequently offer better prices than the nationwide ones, so, you might check. On the other hand, maybe larger ones would be better for down-the-road integration of your system with new stuff?)
    • Or have a co. put it on your roof at no cost to you, but, you might look into whether their contract might be a hitch when you go to sell your house. (I don't know, I read something once. Check this please.)
    • (FYI: I don't know anything about grid tie vs. not, or those Tesla powerwall things, or SLA batteries vs. anything else more modern. Ask your local solar installer.)
    • Other Tesla stuff - This article(sept 2019) says they're also offering commercial solar, apparently for substantially less than utilities charge; and they're now also selling(?) their shingle-looking 'solarglass' solar +roofing, for (they say) less than? about the same as? the cost of ordinary solar + roofing, price estimate here, I know nothing, and don't forget that in many places community solar (e.g.) or a microgrid or community choice energy are other options.
    • This article says that residential solar in the U.S. costs 2x as much as other countries due to red tape
    • Tools (I haven't tried these)
      • "Helioscope and Aurora for layout, shading, weather data, and output simulation. Use PV Watts to double check output." (source)
      • "NRELs system advisor model is pretty good." (source)
      • for understanding your roof's capacity, Google's "Project Sunroof" (*)
  • Kitchen stove: Induction cooktops are electric, efficient and fast. Portable single-burner ones are cheap, while the installed 4-burner ones are not. (Portable induction cooktops are well under 100 on amazon, or 50 bucks from ikea (link).)
    • Induction cooktop caveats:
      • You'll need to recalibrate cooking stuff like softboiled eggs, as the water comes to a boil much faster than with a gas stove. And if the pan is of greater circumference than the 'cooking circle' in the cooktop, the cooking will be uneven.
      • At least some of these cooktops are loud.
      • You can hang some of them up on the wall out of the way when not using them, but others don't have a hook to allow this.
      • Much cookware will not work with an induction cooktop, including much good quality cookware, it needs to be magnetic. Cast iron does work (and enameled stuff?), as do some cheap saucepans (check the product description though, as they might advise you not to store food in the pan after cooking.)
      • With a standalone (portable) cooktop, be alert (although this turned out to be a non-issue for me) for kitchen electrical circuit power draw, if you run other kitchen appliances at the same time, if you have an older home. Maybe just run 1 appliance at a time.
        • (Unknown authors say: "Most newer household kitchen outlets are 20amp, but older homes may only have 15amp recepticals. This [plug-in standalone induction cooktop] says it requires 15 amp (1800 watt). Thus, if you have 15 amp circuits it will require one of them fully- nothing else turned on on the same circuit .... This piece of equipment requires a dedicated CIRCUIT and not just a dedicated outlet as some outlets can be wired together on the same circuit. For example, If you try to operate this burner and your coffee pot on two outlets wired on the same circuit the gfi will trigger an overload and you will need to pick one of the appliances to operate at a time and reset your the breaker."; "Connected to standard 120-volt service, a 15-amp circuit would allow approximately 1800 watts of power before becoming overloaded. For long-term loads, including anything that draws current for more than three hours, the maximum wattage allowed would be 20 percent lower, at 1440 watts. " ) (for most quick small cooking though, you'll find that around 1000w is more than enough.)
  • (what about the oven? would it just be ordinary electric?)
  • the refrigerator already is a heat pump. "look for Energy Star", etc. (would there be a way to vent fridge exhaust heat, somehow, in summer?) Get (or borrow?) a long fridgecoil de-duster brush, they're cheap and effective.
  • For heating and cooling: in temperate climates (and even in cold climates now, says C.K.), heat pumps ('air conditioner that works in both directions') are extremely energy efficient. "Because it merely moves, rather than generates, heat, it [a heat pump] is far more efficient than combustion furnaces." (link) -
    • Ductless mini-split heat pump heat and cool
    • a ground source heat pump exchanges house warmth with the 'coolth' underground, and vice versa. (Cost? any other concerns?)
  • (does geothermal heat (with ground loops) (source) use a heat pump? (I think yes, that it's the same as a ground source heat pump, but I am not sure.))
  • Hot water heater: a gas HWH can be swapped out for an electric one, or better, a heat pump water heater, which allegedly uses half the energy of a standard electric one. (Do all have the 10 year warranty?) The HomeImprovement subreddit seems to have some information on them.
  • Heat pump clothes dryers (2015 article, prices seem lower now) - "about half the [electrical power] usage of a normal electric dryer" (source)
  • swamp cooler? whole-house fan?
  • Insulation is good. the (bay area) city of Oakland, 9 out of 10 houses don't have it in walls, and home-energy-modeling shows it to make a big difference.
Homeowners' experiences with doing this:
  • Utah man), Jan 2020 - "THREAD about the details of our all-electric net-zero house."; cost(88k/ 400/mo /"a wash") is covered in this tweet& the one before.
  • Greentechmedia, a trailblazing homeowner's conversion experiences, obstacles & successes (in the Calif. bay area). Spring 2018.
  • NPR features another, aug. 2019
  • Twitter thread from a homeowner on electrifying, includes experience with flaws. ("Cooking (induction), EVs, heating (heat pump), cooling (heat pump), water heating (heat pump), rooftop solar (10kW). We do not have electric storage. We produce ~5% more than we use annually; but far less in wintesummer than need and far more in the spring/fall." (source; aug 2019)
Small actions, ones even a renter could do:
  • LED lightbulbs are around $3 or less at bigbox stores like Home Depot. (Make sure you like the color spectrum of the bulb - 'daylight' is rather harsh, 'soft white' is likely best.)
  • The one-burner standalone plug-in induction cooktop, well under $100 online. (I've seen a photo of a round one that hangs on the wall, to save counter space when not in use - who sells these?)
  • Questions
    • Are there programs available for renters to instigate 'electrification' projects in their building or apartment complex? What else can a renter do along these lines, besides show up at city council meetings to speak for electrification regs.?
    • What about buying modular solar panels to charge a battery from which you could run/charge your phone, laptop, some lighting, and light transportation? Is there a way to make that work? (answer: yes, you can do that. Better would be if you could also keep your fridge/freezer cool, but I don't know how you do that on the cheap using solar (or using your vehicle); without resorting to a generator or dry ice.)
  • Switch to time-of-use billing, if your utility offers it. (e.g.)
  • on twitter, @buildingdecarb
  • The "Green Building Advisor" website looks pretty thorough.
  • "accessible financing project" is in the works (source)
  • Does Saul Griffith have plans, or know of plans, to make 'climate loans' to enable installing these things? (see his 'financing' article; "the principal roadblock to a zero-carbon future is financing, and great opportunity lies in understanding that. We don’t solve climate change if only the wealthiest can afford it.")
"a small [a/c] unit cooling a single room, on average, consumes more power than running four fridges, while a central unit cooling an average house uses more power than 15."
How is solar hot water doing?
"Intro" verbiage:
It’s time to electrify. (Berkeley will require that new small residential construction(?) be all-electric (source, and other cities are looking at following suit) ( New-house construction savings (from not putting in natural gas) are about 2k-5k, though it's not clear to me if a hot water heat pump(price?) would change this)
Can you be a trailblazer? Make modifications, then report back on what parts of the process could be made to work better? Your task: help drive down the cost(financial, cognitive, convenience, etc) of choosing the future-friendly option, to where it's cheaper and easier than the alternative. This is partly purchases, partly giving feedback (to those who will listen), partly policies.
(note: I have not tried most of these things. and (disclosure) I own some Tesla stock.)
Stuff that might have value for others
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2019.04.10 03:04 intAcount123458796 I(18M) May have asked for pics from my roommate's ex (19F), they is now mad at me, how do I handle them telling my roommate?

I know, I know I am shitty, but there are "justifications" behind my actions.
Timeline: My roommate and their SO broke up at the end of 2018, and the start to this ordeal began in February of this year.

It all started with my roommate's ex asking for help on their homework, saying that they are going to fail the class if they don't get help. Seeing as I still saw them as a friend, and was well versed in the subject they needed help on, I did not want them to fail, and agreed to help them. So I helped them and agreed to continue to help the throughout the course of class.
Fast forward a couple of weeks, they hit me up asking for info on my roommates current SO, asking about any thing I had on them. Now, I was attracted to my roommate's ex, and the thought had crossed my mind that if I were to help, something may come of it. So I helped out (confirming their name, and socials), however it must be noted that I did advise that my Roommate's ex not be malicious with this info, as nothing good could come of it, they assured me they wouldn't do anything. (Assuming this is my first mistake, and potentially something that could be used against me).
Fast forward about another 2-3 weeks, we had planned to meet on the Saturday of that week to work on homework, however my roommate's ex hinted at a sexual reward for helping, I told them that that is not required, and ill help just to help. They insisted, and and stated that they were excited. I figured that they were just messing with me, as I heard that they had a SO now, which was confirmed later that week. This ultimately killed any intimate attraction (just because even claiming that while dating is a little susp), and I knew that the likely hood of their claims on compensation was slim, either way I went to help. Like I suspected, nothing but homework occurred.
When things got interesting is when the week after, they hit me up saying "Can I ask you a weird question," I said sure, and they sent me provocative photos of themselves in their underwear, saying "which of these should I send to Annon my SO"? Ultimately I told them my preferences, and suggested another type of photo that their SO may enjoy. They sent the related photo, this was were I was interested in seeing if I could get more, as just because I wasnt really interested in a relationship, I was still attracted (shitty I know).
After a while they stopped sending photos, and would only send more if I explained the "massive crush" i had on them, which is something I said that I had, to get more photos (shitty I know, especially since I didnt have one, only lust, shitty.. I know).
Any way this similar thing continued for a little bit, then I began to feel guilty, and tried to stop talking to them all together. They kept initiating conversations, so I made sure they stayed platonic, mainly just asking for help on stuff.
Fast Forward to today about an hour ago, they asked me for help, but since I am kind of going through things I just couldn't help, this made them mad, and they said "thats rude", already irritated, I said "Wow really, I'm rude for Not helping YOU? Ask Annon to help you" Annon being their current SO. They replied with an inside joke type message, which would translate directly to "Im going to ruin your life." I said "Go ahead", as I really dont like being black mailed, but normally when I say "I dont black mail" or something similar, they either back off, or its something that I could handle (i have never done something so shitty and "Black-mail-able: (new word)" for). So I dont know what to do.
I dont think they have any screen shots of me asking for pictures, but they have randomly screenshotted other messages before and I could be forgetting a time when they did. Assuming the worst, they did, and they have sent them to my roommate.
I am person who has always told the truth, however, in this situation, I didnt see the point in telling my roommate previously, as it would only cause harm. But I dont know what to do. Do I deny it. Do i just text my roommate now? Assuming the worst, my roommate already knows and I will walk back from class into my room and be confronted.
Im sorry if the quality of this dropped, I have to rush to a class right now, and tried to finish it before hand. What ever happens, I believe it will happen tonight, I will get back to class in about 2-3 hours. So any responses by then will be greatly appreciated.
In case I didnt explain it prior, the messaging occurred over snap chat, and we both have each other blocked.

Thanks in advance.

Also just read the rules, I and my roommate(20) are males, and his ex is a female.
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2019.04.05 08:14 GiversBot /u/AnnonPenguin [REQ] was deleted from /r/borrow on 2019-04-05 (t3_8y2lel up 267.45 days, LONGTAIL)

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[REQ] ($35) - (#Berkeley, CA, United States), ($40 by 7/16/2018), (Venmo/Paypal)

Post contents

The driver side brake light went out on my 2004 Honda Civic and I need it replaced. I got quoted around $35 to replace it, but I don't currently have the money as my water bill from last month was higher than expected. My paycheck arrives in my checking account on Monday (July 16th), but I want to get the light fixed ASAP so I can drive my car to work without getting pulled over.
I'm willing to pay back $40 on Monday the 16th.
Thanks in advance for helping me out! :)
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2019.01.01 06:00 daily_playlist_bot [2019-01-01] /r/progmetal

Click Here for Today's Top Songs from /progmetal
Title Submitter Reddit Youtube
Yama's messengers eat_weed_live_long Permalink Youtube
Dream Theater - Lifting Shadows Off a Dream [With Lyrics, HQ] nkLottery Permalink Youtube
Between The Buried And Me - The Coma Machine (REACTION!!!) JamesLiptonIcedTea Permalink Youtube
Headspace - Fall Of America TFOLLT Permalink Youtube
The Great Plains wheeloflime Permalink Youtube
Thrailkill - Aware (2018) blastbeatblastbeat Permalink Youtube
Astronoid - The Stargazer (2013) Doradus Permalink Youtube
Ranks of the Terrified CalamitousSenescence Permalink Youtube
Misery Signals - Us And Them(Pink Floyd Cover) nkLottery Permalink Youtube
2018 Patreon recap Livestream - listen live with Mike KD9IIXIII Permalink Youtube
Annon Vin - Black white red,Not rotten yet nkLottery Permalink Youtube
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2018.11.30 23:31 What2Do101 Employer accidentally emailed entire company my FMLA status and attached medical documents

This incident has taken place in Dallas, TX
My employer accidentally sent out a company wide email that had my FMLA status, along with attachments that included medical records / notes, last 4 of my SS#, DOB, full legal name.

Feeling very stressed over this as I was informed by a few anonymous employees and was provided partial screenshots to validate what happened. My company has made no attempt to contact me regarding this issue (currently on leave due to medical issues).

I was informed that another email went out to redact this email, however it still shows up in everyone's deleted folder when they look in it. Apparently HR is trying to sweep this under the carpet quietly (hence why they never notified me) and the IT security team is clearly inept if all my information is still available for anyone to see in the deleted folder.

I have received a fraud alert from my financial institution already and frankly freaking out. I don't know what my legal rights are or if I should get an attorney. I have not contact my company yet, but continue to get anonymous info from a few contacts within the company that my information is still openly visible.

At the end of the day I would personally not feel comfortable going back to my company if I knew my personal and medical (private) history was leaked out to everyone in the company.
Everyone would feel like they are walking on egg shells, especially management.
I am in a bad situation as is with recovering from my medical leave, but now having my medical information out in the open along with my personal info and now a fraud alert... it feels like a nightmare I can't wake up from!

What are the possible legal ramifications? Do I have any recourse if I decide to not return to work because of this?

****updated 12/1/2018****

Truly appreciate all the responses and gaining a little more knowledge. I have a few good local employment attorney's that were recommended to me which I will ask them about this next week. I am not sleeping very good because of all this extra stress and anxiety I feel knowing all this information is still out in the open, even at the work place!
I keep getting annon messages I am presuming are from employees at my work that send me updated screenshots showcasing my information is sitting in the deleted folder and still on the server network. Whoever they are, I truly appreciate them giving me this information. This is what is freaking me out, because what would stop anyone from simply taking the deleted file with attachments, renaming it, or taking new screen shots and sending out my medical and personal information to anyone they want?

I do not work in the health industry so my shared medical information may not apply as a violation, which I find very difficult to understand how in the world it wouldn't be violation regardless of what type of company you work for. I would have honestly thought that medical documentation that was for FMLA people with all my sensitive information on it would be protected regardless.

This is going to be a long weekend for me as I have to wait until Monday to start speaking with attorneys to find out what rights I might have. Best wishes to everyone out there, it's always scary when you encounter something for the first time and not sure what to do, and to have a place like this to get some insight on things.

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2018.09.28 10:13 Laurelais-Hygeine Swedish company using a meme-ad is convicted for sexual discrimination

Swedish company using a meme-ad is convicted for sexual discrimination
Submitted September 27, 2018 at 09:37PM by roemil - https://www.reddit.com/news/comments/9jkyiw/swedish\_company\_using\_a\_memead\_is\_convicted\_fo?utm\_source=ifttt
via /news - https://www.svt.se/nyheteinrikes/mem-annons-falls-for-konsdiskriminering
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2018.03.28 22:09 Jadeloaf Annon 2018 smiles idea,,,'''Intro'''

Annon 2018 smiles idea,,,'''Intro''' submitted by Jadeloaf to YouTubeHD [link] [comments]

2018.03.28 21:41 Jadeloaf Annon 2018 smiles idea,,,'''Intro'''

Annon 2018 smiles idea,,,'''Intro''' submitted by Jadeloaf to YouTube_startups [link] [comments]

2018.03.28 21:07 Jadeloaf Annon 2018 smiles idea,,,'''Intro'''

Annon 2018 smiles idea,,,'''Intro''' submitted by Jadeloaf to YoutubeFunnyVideos [link] [comments]

2018.03.28 20:55 Jadeloaf Annon 2018 smiles idea,,,'''Intro'''

Annon 2018 smiles idea,,,'''Intro''' submitted by Jadeloaf to YoutubeShare [link] [comments]

DeceptionBytes - YouTube 5 Gəlin (19.04.2018) ANONS Gurlan 07 12 2018 Anons Bekpo'lat & Janat - YouTube 5 Gəlin (31.01.2018) ANONS 5 Gəlin (19.01.2018) ANONS LES CONFINS DU MONDE Bande Annonce (2018) Gérard Depardieu, Drame 5 Gəlin (01.02.2018) ANONS LES VEUVES Bande Annonce VF (2018) John Bernthal - YouTube Anons 2018

Anons (2017) - IMDb

  1. DeceptionBytes - YouTube
  2. 5 Gəlin (19.04.2018) ANONS
  3. Gurlan 07 12 2018 Anons Bekpo'lat & Janat - YouTube
  4. 5 Gəlin (31.01.2018) ANONS
  5. 5 Gəlin (19.01.2018) ANONS
  6. LES CONFINS DU MONDE Bande Annonce (2018) Gérard Depardieu, Drame
  7. 5 Gəlin (01.02.2018) ANONS
  8. LES VEUVES Bande Annonce VF (2018) John Bernthal - YouTube
  9. Anons 2018
  10. 5 Gəlin 25.05.2018 (ANONS)

ATV-də yayımlanan bütün verilişləri YouTube-da izləmək üçün rəsmi kanalımıza abunə olun: http://bit.ly/atv-subs 5 Gəlin (19.01.2018) ANONS d5e81d0023b8995d AMOUREUX DE MA FEMME Bande Annonce (2018) Daniel Auteuil, Gerard Depardieu, Film Français - Duration: 1:56. Bandes Annonces Cinéma 684,670 views. 1:56. 5 Gəlin (01.02.2018) ANONS. Category Entertainment; Show more Show less. Loading... Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. 5 Gəlin 25.05.2018 (ANONS) Category Entertainment; Show more Show less. Loading... Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next ... 5 Gəlin (19.04.2018) ANONS. Category Entertainment; Show more Show less. Loading... Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Les Films à VOIR ? Ils sont ICI https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL843D2ED8D80FA673 LES VEUVES Bande Annonce VF (Thriller, 2018) © 2018 - Fox This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue 5 Gəlin (31.01.2018) ANONS. Loading... Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next 5 Gəlin (01.02.2018) - Duration: 49:45. ATV Show ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.