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When I was sick, I spent a lot of time on the Curezone forum. I obsessively read posts in both the Chronic Fatigue Forum and the Adrenal Fatigue Forum...and come to think of it I think I found Curezone when I was battling systemic candida, which I had off and on at various points in my life. Candida albicans, and other strains of Candida are yeast that normally inhabits our digestive system: the mouth, throat, intestines and genitourinary tract. Candida is a normal part of the bowel flora (the organisms that naturally live inside our intestines, and are not parasitic). Meet Dr. Jeff McCombs A leading, trusted expert in Candida treatment. Dr. McCombs’ has been helping people elimate candida since 1993. He developed The Candida Plan—a detoxification and dietary plan that counters the detrimental effects of antibiotics and reestablishes the normal body flora, detoxification pathways, and regeneration cycles of a vital, youthful, and healthy body. Visit him at the Curezone Forum to ask. Also check out our related pages on: Bill's Anti-Candida Diet Protocol Natural Candida Yeast Infection Cures Yeast Infection Remedies Fungal Infection Treatments. ... Candida is existent in everyone and its job is to decompose our bodies after we die. For this reason, it is a very hearty, hard to kill ... Candida grows in intestine due to alkaline medium. ACV enema helps in creating acidic environment which is unfavorable for the growth of candida and therefore, cannot survive. Other than creating an acidic medium, its properties against candida to die off are well known. ACV enema can be made by following simple steps: 1. Take 1-2 quarts of ... Candida is a type of yeast that resides in many parts of the body. It doesn’t necessarily signal a problem. This is even true with Candida in the stool. However, there are cases where an ... In conjunction with a Candida diet or fast from the S.A.D diet, a week of salt flushing has an incredible healing and cleansing effect on all your tissues and organs. Drink 32oz of warm water with 2 teaspoons of pure salt dissolved in it. Do this on an empty stomach in the morning. Peristalsis should be triggered within 2 hours as the salt ... So you’ll see the anti-Candida diet permitting grains, particularly the alternative grains like quinoa, millet, and things like that. I just don’t see those things working well for most people who have gut issues. That’s something to keep in mind. I don’t think the anti-Candida diet is very effective. Candida - Candidiasis - Prevention & Curing Protocol. About Candida - Candidiasis. Candida albicans, and other strains of Candida are yeast that normally inhabits our digestive system: the mouth, throat, intestines and genitourinary tract. Candida is a normal part of the bowel flora (the organisms that naturally live inside our intestines, and ... Candida Albicans & Yeast Infection Self Exams When looking at testing for candida albicans, these 3 Self-Tests are provided to help you determine if Candida Albicans yeast infection Overgrowth is likely. Each one of these tests is just a general indicator. If you test positive or score high on any one of them, it means that you probably have ...

Things that helped my Candida over the years

2020.07.25 19:48 caracurls Things that helped my Candida over the years

Disclaimer ** I’am not 100% cured yet, but a lot better now than a few years ago.** except for bloating, constipation, and easily getting mild yeast infections are my main symptoms. 3-6 months of Parasite cleansing and a strict diet should fix this.
I’ve had really bad Candida but managed to bring it down to lower levels by trying many things over the years. I still have gut issues like bloating everyday. I realized stool tests with Naturopaths can be inaccurate. My stool test showed one parasite that is non-visible to the human eye, but last year when i did a parasite cleanse using NSC-24 Immuncleanse, i saw tons parasites come out. I felt so good after this cleanse but during it, I was going to the washroom 6-7x a day(diarrhea) lol. Sometimes i had to stop for a day or two because it was too much. Then I cut down sometimes to 4 caps a day instead of 6. It also kills Candida too. There is about 30 herbs in it. When I stopped the cleanse my allergy symptoms improved. I no longer react to dairy like I used to. My digestion improved. I would still avoid dairy b/c it feeds yeast.
Most the time it’s not just Candida but other issues, like parasites, h pylori, high metcury levels, etc. Things that helped me over the particular order!
  1. ⁠Colonhydrotherapy- 1 session a month for 3 months in a row (for constant gas, bloating)
  2. ⁠Organic At home coffee enemas- Gerson Therapy
  3. ⁠S Boulardii kills bad yeast like candida
  4. ⁠Megaspore probiotics
  5. ⁠For females fixing Estrogen Dominance-which encourages yeast to grow. I used Estrosmart by Lorna V for 3 months straight with Vitex 80mg extract(1 cap) both taken at night before bed. Iodine also helps. Change your shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, body lotion to xenoestrogens free. Natural products don’t encourage estrogen. Except for rosemary, tea tree oil, and Lavender. those are highly estrogenic, even though they’re considered “natural”.
  6. ⁠Juice fasting for 6-7 days—using mainly 90% organic veggies and only lemon or green apples as fruit. I added 1 clove of garlic, beets, carrots, ginger, celery, cucumber, greens. I think this helped because it gave my digestive system time to heal without constantly digesting food. I did this once a year. Oh and taking s.boulardii while doing the juice fast 2-3 caps a day.
  7. ⁠NSC Immucleanse- 2 caps, 3x a day with each meal.
  8. ⁠Mental Health- trying to tell your body it is healing, whatever you take it is helping cure your candida. I know it’s hard but I was suicidal, negative, lost a lot of my youth to this. Once i forced myself that it cant get worse, and everything I consume is bringing me one step closer. My body started to get better. Anxiety is directly tied to gut health/gut bacteria. You will see a huge improvement after detoxing.
  9. ⁠H Pylori- if you have terrible acid reflux, stomach gurgling, get a test to make sure you don’t have H pylori on top of candida and parasites. It makes things much worse. It kills your stomach bacteria. I did a breath test on an empty stomach, to get the positive diagnosis. I went to a regular MD for this.
I realize now my candida is moderate but most my gut issues is from parasites. *Gut cleansing and trying to avoid fast food, high sugar fruits, gluten, dairy is key. Or following a strict diet for 3-6 months whilst simultaneously gut cleansing.
A lot of people on curezone also cured their candida by using sugar free nystatin enemas. Look into it. His name is Dvjorge! He had terrible Candida! I couldn’t do this because where I live I can’t get it. Or S.Boulardii enemas.
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2019.02.09 08:30 raster_raster Summary of my basic knowledge fighting yeast (from my posts on

Mostly I want to say that there is knowledge beyond what I know, I am no expert, I just have a base knowledge of how to fight this. There are supplements like lactoferrin, tagamet, etc. that each work effectively to fight yeast. There is a lot of misunderstanding about how to fight yeast and what it takes to get better. What I recommend is you educate yourself to fight yeast and then find the specialists that can guide you to better health.

Dvjorge was a top expert who is on various forums including curezone and a spanish facebook candida fighting group. He also posted on for awhile. He has a great post explaining what this syndrome is as a medical term:

This post covers the various methods to fight yeast. There are probably a dozen more.:
One I recently did was lyposomal chelation with EDTA using quicksilver scientific products. You can view their video's and information on their website. This should be done under guidance of a professional and has nasty side effects if done improperly:

This guy had some interesting information for fighting yeast, but look how far he took it and what he did to treat himself. You can get quite carried away with this and I just want to warn people about how deep you can go fighting yeast. If he had professional help, I think he would would have had better experience:

There a variety of books that are good for fighting yeast. If you don't educate yourself, then basically you left reading stupid information on the internet from non experts. You should learn from people who have medical degrees imo:

Detoxing is essential to getting better, if you don't detox then you are basically going to feel ill and the yeast toxins will continue to recirculate. You won't get better without detoxing. Here are the methods that are suggested for detoxing:

I also want to warn people not to do too much too fast. This isn't something you get over super quickly. You need to rebuild your body basically:

Here is a link related to liver symptoms and how most of your symptoms are liver related:

If you don't chew your food well then you are basically screwing up the whole digestive system:

There is a lot of information on this forum and some of it is contradictory. What I would do if I were starting out again is educate myself on fighting this, find an expert where I live that can help me get better, and do one of the over dozen effective ways to fight yeast under their guidance. The top thing you'll need is money, the second top thing you'll need is time. Also misdiagnosis is incredibly common. SIBO and h.pylori are the two top things that are similar to candida overgrowth. Both require antibiotics for treatment typically. Candida related complex is much larger than candida itself and there are often other impairments that prevent you from getting better. The top ones include impaired liver, thyroid, adrenals, etc. Poor nutrition is often the leading cause of this imo.

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2018.12.05 02:43 CuriousCatharsis Turpentine experience vs Siberian Fir oil

After reading the comments from my post yesterday I’ve been reading and watching a lot about 100% pure gum turpentine. I’m amazed by how well it seems to work for many, and yet mindful of it having some adverse effects on others. I have questions regarding diet while taking turpentine: the Candida diet promotes high protein, and thus (typically) a lot of meat (hormone/antibiotic/GMO free and organic) - yet Dr. Daniels promotes a vegan diet while on the weeks-long treatment (/indefinite?). I’m also wondering about probiotics and how they can factor in.
(Here’s the report by Jennifer Daniels - it has a lot of holes in its reasoning, but the fact that I’ve heard so many positive experiences leads me to look at least a little into it.)
If anyone has experience with turpentine, I’d love to hear - especially including the diet and probiotic/supplement info above, as well as taking it with sugar vs castor oil, morning vs night, and empty stomach vs with food. Also - to wash it down with water? Or avoid diluting?
I spoke of this finding with my roommate, who had her own healing journey with endometriosis, and she read into turpentine’s profile and found it’s very similar to Siberian Fir oil. However, she says Siberian Oil isn’t toxic and is safe to ingest. I don’t see a lot on the internet regarding, so am wondering if anyone here has any insights. Not sure if it would still require a “transport” of castor oil or sugar - hoping to find out!
Edit: added link for reference
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2018.07.10 02:53 brinked Nystatin Enemas

Has anyone tried enemas? Nystatin enemas seem to have a very high success rate. There’s a user at curezone name dvjorge who came up with a protocol and swears it cured him and ever since then many other claim the same thing.
It makes sense in theory, if the Candida overgrowth is in the colon, an enema would hit it more directly as opposed to going through your entire digestive system.
See this post:
And a google search for nystatin enema will produce other success stories
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2015.02.14 19:31 streamlineinc [Unique Method] for How to Cleanse Your Body and Colon Naturally with Parasite Cleanse

If you don't realize the importance of natural colon parasite cleanse, then you are causing damage and decreasing your body’s functionality & daily performance. To help, we are offering a free bottle of colon parasite cleanse on select packages.
Why are you still reading this post? If you find that you are in a continual state of mind where… • You are concerned on the whereabouts of the bathroom before you decide to go somewhere? • You shy away from social events with the thought that you may mess up family plans? • You are concerned about what types of food you eat? • Or you have a sensitive digestive system that interrupts your work schedule or even makes you cancel important plans? You need to get your colon parasite cleanse.
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Remedio Natural Para La Candidiasis Salt Water Flush (DETOX BODY, INCREASE ENERGY, REMOVE CANDIDA) Parasite Cleanse Side Effects Itching 7 DAY FULL BODY DETOX WITH GLOBAL BITTERS PLUS  COLON,PARASITE, & MUCUS CLEANSE How To Test For Candida - How Can Candidiasis Be Prevented In Children Candida & Blood Sugar Issues THE SECRET TRUTH TO TMAU & CANDIDA

Enema Solution For Candida: How Enema Can Help Get Rid Of ...

  1. Remedio Natural Para La Candidiasis
  3. Parasite Cleanse Side Effects Itching
  5. How To Test For Candida - How Can Candidiasis Be Prevented In Children
  6. Candida & Blood Sugar Issues

This is the true meaning of TMAU. This is a spiritual journey that the lord jesus christ and god can pull you through. I pray for many blessings for you all on this amazing journey. Your life has ... With over 50 years of new research on how Candida works in the body, Dr. McCombs offers a modern approach to rebalancing Candida. He also explains why blood sugar issues should be corrected at the ... HOW TO DO THE SALT FLUSH: Mix 2 Tablespoons of pure Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt in 6 Cups (32 oz) Filtered water. Drink the whole solution in the morning on an EMPTY Stomach. Lay down for ... THIS VIDEO IS ABOUT OUR 7 DAY FULL BODY DETOX GLOBAL BITTERS. helps with..... Headaches Allergies Candida Poor Digestion Fatigue Liver Issues Respiratory Issues High Blood Pressure Poor Sex Drive ... How to Treat Candida in 6 Steps Dr. Josh Axe - Duration: 7:29. Dr. Josh Axe 2,190,097 views. 7:29. 3 Easy No Sew Face Masks Using Things You Have at Home - Duration: 15:07. Candida curezone. How to heal a yeast infection. Can gluten free diet cause yeast infections. Yeast infection coming off pill. Apple cider vinegar cure yeast infection. How to treat thrush of the ... Curezone candida success. Natural remedies for mens yeast infections. Thrush bleb. How long does apple cider vinegar take to cure yeast infection. Candida albicans endocarditis treatment.