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Part 36

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6160.(Music Lyrics change.)"Beaten what for? (What for?)"/"Beaten why for? (Why for?)"(Do any of their logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these celebrities being much different?(Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, David Letterman, and Jim Carrey?)(Video below.)(N-Sync/*NSYNC)(Was there name spelled differently?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Tons of pink, and green phenomenon going on in videos, and other stuff.)(New Michael Jackson concert, and video with Reggie Miller, Macaulay Culkin, Elizabeth Taylor, and Liza Minnelli, and moonwalking wasn't invented by him, and it goes back much farther, and break dancing goes back much farther, and he no longer always wears the glove on his left hand.)(Grandma's Cookies taste much different.)(Do you remember Led Zeplin, or Led Zepelin?)(Kurt Russel/Kurt Russell)(Other spellings?)(King Tut tomb keeps changing.)(Lots of different ways people remember Krispy Kreme being spelled.)(Cats, and dolphins playing together.)(Does Cher look different than before?)(Cats with very baby blue eyes.)(Very large turtles showing up on beaches.)(Some scenes in Passengers have changed.)(Freelance & Programming Tips And Tricks/Freelance & Programming Tipx And Trix)(As in the Facebook group.)(Is the whole thing with Program vs. Programme, and everything similar to it in terms of spelling off?)(Lots of Scott Harrison, mandela quantum effects, and Mandela Affected videos being affected by the green, and pink.)(New weird episodes of The Twilight Zone popping up.)(Does the Supergirl logo look off?)(The lungs go farther up.)(Cat with human-like face.)(Modernized font in Hi-Chew commercial.)(The Mike Tyson fight where he bit the ear now continues afterward.)(Person calls neighbor wrong name for 14 years, and other weird conversations.)(Jorts, and jhorts are now words.)(The trans fat ban has just started happening.)(Grey, and black Dunkin' Donuts sign.)(Sayed/Sayd/Said)(Do you remember Orange being pronounced different?)(Do you remember Mirror being pronounced different?)(Do you remember Crayon being pronounced different?)(Guage/Gauge, and pronunciation is off.)(Does the Greatist(Greatest?)website logo look off?)(All depictions of cartoon owls with yellow eyes.)(Does the Jot logo look off?)(Does the Brain Quest logo look off?)(Is anything about the US, Canada, or world population off?)(Does the Scottish rampart look off?)(Patronise/Patronize)(Was Grover from Sesame Street not originally brown?)(Does the Moonwalkers(The Moonwalkers?)logo look off?)(Were words like Moonwalk actual words?)(Does The Legend Of Sasquatch(Sasquach?)logo look off?)(Messing With Sasquatch/Messin' With Sasquatch)(Was there not multiple ways to spell Sasquatch, or was it spelled differently?)(Is the movie Se7en(Seven?)off in any way?)(Was it Deaf, Death, or Def Leppard, or Leppard?)(Is the movie Friday off?)(Connor McGregoConor McGregor)(Lots of Dollar Tree exclusive products, and signs they make have modernized fonts, and off, and connected letters.)(The Dream/The-Dream, and do any of his logos look off?)("There's nothing left to say."/"There's nothing I can say.")(Was it always the same as the first time?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Anything else off?)(Have you heard of Lake Ladoga?)(Jean Michael Jarre/Jean Michel Jarre)(Lots of people call Dollar Tree "Dollar Store", or, "The Dollar Store".)(Lollypop/Lollipop)(Lots of dead celebrities come back to life.)(Lots of celebrity birthdays change.)(Mike Willis/Mike Wills)(Was the plural of Pop Pop, and not Pops?)(Snyder's/Snyder's Of Hanover)(Flip Flop/Flip-Flop)(Does the Color Eazy logo look off?)(Was the Lay's slogan something different than I mentioned?)((Expanse/The Expanse)(Happy Holidays/Happy Holiday)(Are any of the lyrics off?)(Even more types of praying mantises.)(Were yield signs a different color, or shape?(Anything else off?)(There are a few popular international changes.)(Zeplin/Zeppelin)(Did Led Zeppelin originally get their name from misspelling Zepplin Zeppelin, or the other way around?)(Anything else off?)(Old Chef Boyardee logos had dashes in the name.)(The term Sugar Daddy goes back way further back now, and is even said in songs like Lovesick Blues by Hank Williams Sr.(Did he never say Sweet Daddy in any of his songs, and was Sweet Daddy never said back then either?)(Did he never say Daddy at all?)(Jamie Johnson/Jamey Johnson)(Was Jamey not an acceptable spelling of Jamie?)(Inate/Innate)(Any word that has double lettering similar to Unnamed.)(Tibet is larger now.)(Weird lighting, and thunderstorm.)(Do any of Aretha Franklin's logos look off?)(Did the Judge Judy logo change again?)(Does the end of Neither Can I by Slash's Snakepit(Snake Pit?)sound off to you?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Jolly Time products have off names.)(Does the VMA logo look off?)(Does The Nun logo look off?)(Do you remember monkeys inhabiting the Rock Of Gibraltar, and no humans?)(Electric blue clouds appear over Antarctica in 2013.)(Vern Goslin/Vern Gosdin)(Blue spiders now exist.)(Blue moths now exist.)(Statue Of Liberty has black nose.)(Siemen/Siemens)(You Haul/U-Haul)(You Turn/U-Turn)(You Ball/U-Ball)(Do you remember A System Of A Down, A System Of The Down, The System Of A Down, or The System Of The Down?)(Does Jackie Kennedy shooting, and killing John F. Kennedy look even more obvious now?)(Has War Pigs by Black Sabbath changed in many different ways?)(Grage/Garage, and pronunciation is different.)(News Stand/Newstand/Newsstand)(Anything else surrounding this off?)(Are the lyrics in Paranoid Android by Radiohead(Radio Head?)off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Are the lyrics in Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Levi Stadium/Levis Stadium/Levi's Stadium)(Were the brand, and the stadium named differently, or the same?)(Violets release a chemical that causes you to forget what they smell like.)(Giraffe weevil now exists.)(Have you heard of the Bogdanoff(Bodganoff?)twins?)(Certain principles on how things work have changed.)(Big Bird's color seems off, and his beak, and other things about him.)(White, and red squirrels now exist.)(The Sun appearing to be orange, and other recent weird stuff recently.)(Have more lyrics in Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival changed?)(Aliens Vs. PredatoAlien Vs. Predator, and is the logo off?)(Other names?)(Injustice For All/And Justice For All/...And Justice For All)(Do any of Billy Joel's logos look off?)(Ranch, most soda,(Was Soda plural for soda, and not Sodas?)most meats,(Was Meat plural for meat, and not Meats?)most Chovolates,(Was Chocolate plural for chocolate, and not Chocolates?)and most chip types taste off now.)("I was born in it, raised in it."/"I was born in it, molded by it.")(Is any other part of the quote off?)(Is Lasagna pronounced differently than before?)(Koala Care/Koala Kare)(Do you remember Credence, or Clearance Clearwater Revival?)(Lots of messed up Os, fots in Is, and other letters especially seen on semi trucks.)(There are now tons of old weird looking TVs.)(Minnie Mouse's dress used to be pink with white dotsall the time instead of red with white dots.)(Valiksburn94/Vailskibum94)(USS CalisteUSS Callister)(Ceelo Green/Cee Lo Green/CeeLo Green)(Paul Tibit/Paul Tibitt/Paul Tibbit/Paul Tibbitt)(Jim Carrey was now born in 1962 instead of 1963.)(Did The Smashing Pumpkins member Jimmy Chamberlin die, and is anything else about the band off?)(Did Al Capone die before he got out of prison?)(Verifocal/Varifocal)(The Professional//Leon/Leon: The Professional/Léon/Léon: The Professional)(Gigi Hadid/GiGi Hadid)(Arethra Franklin/Aretha Franklin)(Do you remember Zac, Zack, Zak, or Zach Efron, or Effron?)(Have you seen all the purple plants popping up recently?)(Have more lyrics in Piano Man by Billy Joel changed?)(Lots of messed up Ts in everything lately.)(Louie Armstrong/Louis Armstrong)(Louie C.K./Louis C.K.)(Lots of connected letters especially R, and A, and T, and T lately.)(Lampreys now exist.)(Velvet ants now exist.)(Starfish with lots of limbs.)(Have you heard of pinworm?)(Were sloths extinct?)("Log wood burning through the night."/"Log wood burning through the nights.")(Do any of his logos look off?)(Ing to In' lyrics in most reggae songs.)("The Holy Ghost was moving too."/"The Holy dove was moving too.")(Do any of his logos look off?)(Lots of weird gender animals, and plants, and weeds, and similar things can be male, or female now.)(Do any of the Courtyard Marriott logos look off?)(Bananas are completely weird in how they grow, and everything about them including taste, and other fruits, and vegetables taste different.)(The New Madrid earthquakes are no longer the deadliest earthquakes in history.)(There are now tons of weird fruits, and hybrid fruits.)(Weird facts about Clark Gable.)(Lots of weird things about Elvis now including color of outfits, voice, and less chubby.)(CasualGameReed/casualgamerreed)(Is the name of the last chapter of The Name Of The Rose different?)(Does the BWD logo look off?)(Does the Hotpoint logo look off?)(Is Psychic pronounced different?)(Do you remember only the first letter in a name having to be capitalized instead of other letters being acceptable too in some cases?)(The Chowder cartoon now has characters with yellow eyes.)(Are some of these singers, or bands that did songs you thought were done by someone else people you've never heard of?)(Barney has eyes in the actual The Flintstones cartoon that don't seem to match any online pictures in some cases.)(The DMV is now sometimes the BMV, and other names too.)(The location of Vienna has changed.)Almost all of the munchkin songs in The Wizard Of Oz have changed.)(I Am Lazlow/I AM LAZLOW)(Snow, rain, earthquakes, and other weird weather things happening more often, or in new places.)(Tarantula hawk wasp now exists.)(Is Louisiana pronounced different?)(Is Boogeyman pronounced different?)(Are the Boogeyman movie logos off?)(Has the chorus in Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver reversed?)(Was it simply titled Country Roads?)(More aircraft changes.)(Video below.)(Weird square clouds.)(The location Dirty Dancing was filmed at seems to have changed a lot.)(Weird old invention that combined fridge, sink, 3 gas burners, storage drawer, and available with electric burners.)(Mother dogs chew off dew claws from their puppies' hind legs.)(Kettle Corn/Kettle Korn)(The latter is now used, and in other things.)(Underwater human coral sculptures now exist.)(Skinks now exist.)(Squabbits, and similar weird animals now exist.)(Words like Unnamed, Unneeded, and Irregular have double letters now.)(We have mysterious DNA.)(Weird red water.)(More small things in The Silence Of The Lambs changed.)(More small things about Elvis' life changed.)(Jonny Dep/Johnny Depp)(Weird rainbow rock.)(Detailed prediction of 1941 Pearl Harbor attack in 1937 newspaper.)(Were Pattie, and Patti not acceptable spellings of Patty?)(Nelson Mandela apparently visited Detroit, Michigan in 1990.)(Both versions of Spider-Man on the Spider-Man 3 cover have swapped places.)(Old Cheetos logos now had dashes, and dots in the name.)(Rebbie Jackson now exists.)(J. Jonah Jameson never says, "I want pictures of Spider-Man." in the Spider-Man movies.)(Are any of the lines in Oh, The Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss off?)(Honky Tonk Woman/Honky Tonk Women)(Do any of their logos look off?)("I put a spell on you, and now you're mine."/"I put a spell on you because you're mine.")(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Ing to In' lyrics?)(Any of her logos look off?)(Was Christian Bale American originally?)(More aircraft changes.)(Video below.)(After All/Afterall/After All)(Kris Kristopherson/Kris Kristoferson/Kris Kristofferson)(Other spellings?)(Do any of his logos look off?)(Mike Willis/Mike Wills)(Do any of his logos look off?)(Lots of Hank Williams Sr. songs sound better, and off now.)(Do you remember "That's not a knife, now that's a knife.", or "That's not a knife, now this is a knife."?)(King Tut photos are now messed up in color.)(More changes to Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard.)(A lot of Webb Pierce music has "Hear what you wanna hear." moments.)(Crocodiles, and alligators use swimming devices now.)(Honeybees sometimes drink blood.)(Lyrics to Colors Of The Wind from Pocahontas have changed.)(All Right vs. Alright, and similar words.)(Did Harry Potter have different colored eyes, and did Daniel Redcliffe have different colored eyes in general?)
6161.(Music Lyrics change.)"Go cat go!"/"Go go go!"(Was it the same both times in the song?)(Any of his other lyrics off?)(Do any of his logos look off?)
6162.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Aretha Franklin dying?
6163.(Famous Actor name change.)Jean Claude Van Damn/Jean-Claude. Van Damme(Other spellings?)
6164.(Famous Actor name change.)Ralph Machio/Ralph Macchio€Other spellings?)
6165.(Famous Actress name change.)Terri HatcheTeri Hatcher(Other spellings?)
6166.(Famous Actress name change.)Pam GreePam Grier(Other spellings?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Links below.)
6167.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Tina Turner singing If I Could Turn Back Time in the early to mid 80's instead of Cher in the late 80's to early 90's?(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do either of any of their logos look off?)
6168.(Real Life appearance change.)Do you remember Audrey Hepburn having black hair in Breakfast At Tiffany's instead of blonde highlights, and lighter colored hair?(Does the logo look off?)
6169.(Date change.)Do you remember the first steam-powered automobile not being invented as far back as 1768??(Was the first steam car not invented as far back as 1672?)
6170.(Date change.)Do you remember the first jukebox not being invented as far back as 1889?
6171.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the ending of Murder On The Orient Express never revealing everyone as the killer?(Any of the other endings off?)(Were there not multiple endings?)
6172.(T.V. Show name change.)Hawaii 5.0/Hawaii 5-0/Hawaii Five-0(Other names?)(Does the theme song seem off?)(Do any of the band's logos look off?)(Video below.)
6173.(T.V. Show name change.)Rocky And Bullwinkle/The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle And Friends(Do any of the logos of anything look off?)
6174.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Casper never having blue eyes?(Do any of the logos of anything look off?)
6175.(Movie Quote change.)"Mama says they'd take you anywhere."/"Mama said they'd take me anywhere."(Is the entire conversation off?)(Was it Chocolate, and not Chocolates?)(Was Chocolates not a word, or was it a word?)
6176.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being a campaign to stop robots in Geneva in April, 2018?
6177.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember BigDog(Big Dog?)not being a thing?(Did the amount of time its been a thing changed?)
6178.(Music Lyrics change.)"I'm not the leader of the kick-you-when-you're-down crusade."/"I'm not the leader of a kick-you-when-you're-down crusade."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6179.(New species.)Have you heard of any of these sea creatures?(Anything else off?)(Link below.)
6180.(Anatomy change.)Do you remember the Adam's Apple not being able to move from side to side, or make clicking noises?
6181.(Holiday name change.)Pentacost/Pentecost(Anything else surrounding this off?)
6182.(Holiday name change.)Feast Of Tabernacle/Feast Of Tabernacles(Anything else surrounding this off?)
6183.(Spelling change.)Supermissive Black Hole/Supermassive Black Hole
6184.(Famous Freak name change.)John Merrick/Joseph Merrick
6185.(History change.)Do you remember the entire SEAL team involved in killing Osama Bin Laden dying?
6196.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the ancient Olympic games being held in Athens, Greece instead of Olympia, Greece?(Does the website logo look off?)
6197.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember psychedelic(Psychadelic?)gravity wave clouds not being a thing?
6198.(New species.)Have you heard of the northern mole cricket?
6199.(New species.)Have you heard of the gargantuan stick insect?
6200.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the first car to ever hit 62 mph not being an electric car, and was it not as early as 1899?
6201.(Famous Actor name change.)Ray Liota/Ray Liotta(Other spellings?)
6202.(Famous Actress name change.)Julia Styles/Julia Stiles
6203.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Michael J. Fox dying?
6204.(New species.)Have you heard of the Mantispidae?(Did it not go by other names?)
6205.(Music Lyrics change.)"He said son can you play me a melody?"/"He says son can you play me a memory?"("He said Bill I believe this is killing me."/"He says Bill I believe this is killing me.")(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6206.(Restaurant name change.)Chevy's Fresh Mex/Chevys Fresh Mex(Is the logo off?)
6207.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Pamela Voorhees not being the original Friday The 13th killer?(Was Voorhees spelled differently?)(Anything else surrounding this off?)(Do any of the Friday The 13th logos look off?)
6208.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Painty The Pirate not laughing while Spongebob Squarepants(SpongeBob SquarePants, or was it something else, and are any of the logos of anything off?)plays his nose like an instrument in the theme song?(Does Painty The Pirate, or anyone else I haven't mentioned before from the show look off?)(Was he only known as Captain, or did he not have a name?)(Anything else surrounding this off?)
6209.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Skylar Grey,(Skyler Gray, and is the use of Skylar vs. Skyler off?)or Rihanna singing 5 O'Clock with T-Pain, and Wiz Khalifa instead of Lilly Allen?Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of any of their logos look off?)
6210.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ed Sheeran singing Strip That Down with Quavo instead of Liam Payne?(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of either of their logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Videos below.)
6211.(Movie name change.)Towering Inferno/The Towering Inferno
6212.(Famous Actor name change.)Jessie Ventura/Jesse Ventura
6213.(Famous Model name change.)Carmen Elektra/Carmen Electra
6214.(Music Lyrics change.)"They'll send you off to war."/"They'll send you down to war."
6215.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Platypuses have 10 sex chromosomes, they don't have stomachs, they lose their teeth when they leave the burrow so they use gravel, females secrete milk out of pores cause they don't have tits, males have one hole for mating, laying egfs, and using bathroom, they walk on knuckles while on land, they close everything when diving for food, and their bill is very sensitive to electricity, and other things, oklo reactor natural fission reactor, more changes to Mount Rushmore, leopards in the city, red wolf, komodo dragon uses venom, and not bacteria, Nestlé logo, your spine determines your dominant hand, rainbow trout have flesh like salmon, and do they look different? Hot water beach, water is not H2O, water feels different, and sensitivity to cold, or hot water changes, water is a society of molecules, tefillin, blue flamingos, cottontail tent making bats, plant grows through a living rat, octopuses that hunt on land, the black box in Mecca keeps changing, women's march started taking off earlier, changes to the Abraham Lincoln, and John Wilkes Booth story, Lincoln has a mole now, and he wore a zipper jacket before the zipper was invented? Now there are lots of photos of Abraham Lincoln when photos of him didn't exist, dust storm to fill Gulf Of Mexico, more changes to the Statue Of Liberty, Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky quote changed, there are way more stick insect kinds now, the two bombs dropped in Japan didn't hit the ground, and the land is now safer to live on than before, (Video below.)
6216.(Company name change.)Smith & Weston/Smith & Wesson(Does the logo look off?)(Did .17 HMR ammo not exist?)(Anything else off?)
6217.(Spelling change.)Broach/Brooch
6218.(Movie name change.)Killer Clowns From Outer Space/Killer Klowns From Outer Space(Do any of the logos look off?)
6219.(Music Lyrics change.)"Four rusted horses strangled by their own rope."/"Four rusting horses strangled by their own rope."(Was it the same all the way through?)("Tied heart sat broke."/"Tied heart it broke.")("Sign that said it was a fire sale."/"Signs that said it was a fire sale.")(Do any of his logos look off?)
6220.(Music Lyrics change.)"We came to see the mobscene."/"You came to see the mobscene."(Was it the same all the way through?)(Mobscene/mOBSCENE)
6221.(Music Lyrics change.)"I know there's pain."/"I know this pain."("Why do you wrap yourself up in these chains?"/"Why do you lock yourself up in these chains?")("Things will change."/"Things to change."/"Things can change."/"Things could change.")("Make you say goodbye. Say goodbye."/"Make you say goodbye.")("Letting your worries pass you by."/"Letting your hurries pass you by.")("If you hold on."/"Can you hold on?")(Was it all the same through the song?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Anything else in the song off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6222.(Music Lyrics change.)"There are voices that long to be heard."/"There are voices that want to be heard."(Do any of their logos look off?)
6223.(Music Lyrics change.)"But we lost it."/"But I lost it."
6224.(Music Lyrics change.)"But I don't know your name."/"Don't know your name."
6225.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember INXS singing You're Unbelievable instead of EMF singing Unbelievable?(Do any of either of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
6226.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ariana Grande singing Issues, or Selena Gomez singing I Got Issues instead of Julia Michaels singing Issues?(Do any of any of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
6227.(Music Lyrics change.)"That holds a lot of rain."/"Holds a lot of rain."("Love hurts."/"Love hurt.")("I really learned a lot."/"Really learned a lot.")(Anything else off?)(Is the ending off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6228.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember meteors, and similar things only glowing white instead of other colors?(Fireballs aren't only orange.)(Are there more meteor showers to look for, and do they occur more frequently, and do more meteors fall?)(Did planets not "pulse" other colors, or at all?)(Anything else off?)(Video below.)
6229.(New plants.)Have you heard of plants that can swim?
6230.(Store name change.)Home Furniture/HOM Furniture(Anything else off?)
6231.(Music Lyrics change.)"She looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear."/"You look so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear."(Was it the same as the title?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6232.(T.V. Show name change.)Santa Clara Diet/Santa Clarita Diet(Does the logo look off?)
6233.(Chicken name change.)Orphington/Orpington(City in Kent too.)
6234.(Company name change.)Wetherspoons/Wetherspoon
6235.(City name change.)Wein, Vienna/Wien, Vienna
6236.(Poem name change.)Nothing Golden Stays/Nothing Gold Stays/Nothing Golden Can Stay/Nothing Gold Can Stay
6237.(Fictional Restaurant name change.)MacDowell's/McDowell's(Anything else surrounding it off?)(Real brands too.)
6238.(Famous Author name change.)R.L. Stein/R.L. Stine
6239.(Island name change.)Mackinaw/Mackinac(Still pronounced Mackinaw, and the city is Mackinaw.)
6240.(Famous Psychic name change.)Sylvia Brown/Sylvia Browne
6241.(Song name change.)Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree/Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree(Are any of the lyrics off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6242.(Famous Actor name change.)Brandon MeyeBrendon MeyeBrendan MeyeBrecklin MeyeBreckin Meyer
6243.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember The Way I Are being sung by certain different people than it is now?(Are any of the lyrics off?)(The Way I Am/The Way I Are)(Nelly Furtando/Nelly Furtado)(Timberland/Timbarland/Timbaland)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6244.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Marilyn Monroe not appearing nude in the first issue of Playboy?
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Cirque De Sol/Cirque Du Soleil)(Other spellings?)(Videos below.)
6245.(Spelling change.)Bennihana/Benihana(Other spellings?)
6246.(Song Title change.)I Did My Time/Did My Time("I am the one who chose my path."/"I am the one who chose my past.")(Anything else off?)
6247.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Lance Henriksen being the lead role in the first Hellraiser movie?
6248.(Spelling change.)Alchol/Alchohol/Alcohol(Drink too, and similar words.)
6249.(Company name change.)Tennessee Pride/Tennessee Pride Real Country/Odom's Tennessee Pride Real Country(Does the logo look off?)(Sausage is sometimes part of the official name too.)
6250.(Music Lyrics change.)"When you want it, it goes away too fast."/"When you want it, goes away too fast."
6251.(Music Lyrics change.)"What in the world could make a brown-eyed girl turn blue? When everything I'll do I'll do for you."/"What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue? When everything I'll do I do for you."(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6252.(Music Lyrics change.)"Baby hold on tight."/"Baby hold tight."(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Did Steve Perry die?)
6253.(Music Lyrics change.)"We drink alone."/"We drank alone."(George Thorogood & The Destroyers/George Thorogood)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6254.(Music Lyrics change.)"So I go down the street."/"So I go down the streets."("So I go to my room."/"So I go in my room.")("Give me a triple shot."/"Need me a triple shot.")("The night before last."/"A night before last.")("I gotta drunk."/"I gotta get a drink.")("One bourbon, one scotch, one beer."/"One bourbon, one shot, one beer.")("Night, and a week."/"Nigh' on a week.")(Ing to In' lyrics.)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Video below.)
6255.(Famous Football Player name change.)Paul Horning/Paul Hornung
6256.(Famous Actress name change.)Tracy Lords/Traci Lords(Was Traci not an acceptable spelling of Tracy?)
6257.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being a Parthenon(Parthanon?)replica in Nashville, Tennessee?
6258.(New species.)Have you heard of cats with wings?
6259.(Song Title change.)Ricky Don't Lose That NumbeRikki Don't Lose That Number(Other names?)(Any of the lyrics off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Were Ricki, and Rikki not acceptable spellings of Ricky?)
6260.(Fictional Character name change.)Brenda Meeks/Brandy Meeks(Is it currently changing to Brandy?)
6261.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember more people being killed by great white sharks, and other sharks each year, and generally than the number actually is?(Did sharks never taste test, and did they use to like eating humans?)
6262.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember mummies being found in the Great Pyramids?
6263.(Can't think of a title .)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(More changes to Mount Rushmore, wasp species reemerges after being extinct for longedt time, black locust trees, frog mainstream pregnancy test, multiple logos in actual video are off, more changes to airplanes, more brutality, cannibalism, and meat-eating, and harshness in the animal kingdom, derechos, lots of new stuff about dogs, cows now sometimes drink their own milk, and other things about cows, changes to Eva's car, more changes to how the Sun's color works, spiders now spin sometimes as defense, goat horns, and bighorn sheep horns, and lots of antelope horns, and bull horns are getting longer, and bigger, female zebra finches compensate for unattractive partners, little penguins, lots of things about pangolins including their existence.)(Video below.)
6264.(Music Lyrics change.)"Darkest place right beneath the stairs."/"Darkest place like beneath the stairs."("It's do, or die."/"Do, or die.")(Was it the same every time?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6265.(Music Lyrics change.)"I'd tell you to enjoy life."/"I tell you to enjoy life."(Do any of their logos look off?)
6266.(Famous Group name change.)Bonny M./Bonnie M./Boney M.(Do any of their logos look off?)
6267.(Movie name change.)Hunt For Red OctobeHunt For The Red OctobeThe Hunt For The Red OctobeThe Hunt For Red October(Book too.)
6268.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Robin Leach dying way before August 24, 2018?
6269.(Music Lyrics change.)"Come with me baby."/"Come to me baby."(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Pretty Woman/Oh, Pretty Woman)(Did it not go by two names?)(Any of his logos look off?),_Pretty_Woman
6270.(Famous Singer name change.)Chris Deburgh/Chris DeBurgh/Chris De Burgh/Chris de Burgh(Do any of his logos look off?)(Do any more of the lyrics in Africa by Toto seem off?)
6271.(Music Lyrics change.)"She remembers bridges, and burns them to the ground."/"She remembers bridges, burns them to the ground."(Do any of their logos look off?)
6272.(Music Lyrics change.)"The ones I thought I loved."/"The ones I thought I love."("But you left me here."/"You left me here.")(Do any of their logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Video below.)
6273.(Movie name change.)Terminator Genesis/Terminator Genisis/Terminator Genisys
6274.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember men not wearing skirts in Star Trek: The Next Generation?
6275.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Triangle island, cloud shadows, talking crows, new island near Ontario, Canada, Bermuda Triangle anomaly, new island above Russia, birds can fly upside down, purple frog, pyramid in Wyoming.)(Video below.)
6276.(Music Lyrics change.)"This one says."/"This one said."(Sayed, or Sayd?)("This one's got."/"This one got.")(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6277.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the original Fly movies all being black, and white instead of color?
6278.(Music Lyrics change.)"She's looking at me."/"She looking at me."("Everybody loves you."/"Everybody love you.")(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6279.(Music Lyrics change.)"Wipes the tears."/"Wipes a tears."(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6280.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being released earlier, or later?(Commodore 64, NES, SNES, N64, PS1, and PS2.)(Digital cameras were first made public in 1975, and were released more widely in 1995 instead of the early 2000's.)
6281.(Song Title change.)Promiscuous Girl/Promiscuous
6282.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember "I'm SPM.", or "I am SPM." being said in the chorus of You Know My Name by SPM?(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of his logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Coca-Cola never being sold in milk cartons?
6283.(Music Lyrics change.)"Knocks you off your feet."/"Knocks you off your feed."("You lit, and you learned."/"You lived, and you learned.")(Do any of their logos look off?)
6284.(Music Lyrics change.)"I can't take the pain."/"Can't stand the pain."("I must be going insane."/"Must be going insane.")(Jackal/Jackyl)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6285.(Slogan change.)"We make car buying easier."/"We make buying easier."
6286.(Music Lyrics change.)"I feel the heat of love's flames down on me."/'I feel the heat of love's flame down on me."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6287.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Martian sky always being red?
6288.(Music Lyrics change.)"When we make love."/"When you make love."("It's what I need."/"Is what I need.")
6289.(Music Lyrics change.)"You got the power, you got the glory."/"We got the power, got the glory."
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2014.03.12 04:51 untitledmoviereview Are We Officially Dating (title; That Awkward Question internationally) (2014) Director, Tom Gormican

Zac Efron has, relatively speaking, kept his head down. I mean, when you compare him to his Disney counterparts. Without slagging off the entire Mickey Mouse club, Miley Cyrus’ peacocking behaviour (don’t doubt it, that is all it is) comes to mind first. Selena Gomez recently entered rehab. And the less said about Shia LaBeouf, the better. Honestly, I’m surprised Zac Efron has been able to keep his head above water. I have to hand it to him, he has continued with his craft without being too wrapped in the publicity. I do not rate the man as an actor. His work since Disney has been subpar and would benefit from tutelage from older souls in the cinema world. But hell, maybe he doesn’t want to be the best actor going around. He may just want to enjoy what he does. It certainly seems like he does. Maybe that’s his secret to keeping his sanity. Are We Officially Dating signifies a divergence from his previous work, as he STRUGGLES to make his way through more adult comedy and content.
After their friend Mikey (Micheal B. Jordan) is divorced by his short time wife, his friends; Jason (Efron) and Daniel (Miles Teller) vow that they should enjoy this time as a complete set of single friends, taking advantage of the opportunity to sleep with other women at their own disposal. Jason, naturally charming, has a list of casual relationships he maintains (until the partners initiate any resemblance of serious relationship talk). Daniel is wing-womaned by the boys’ friend Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis), with successful results. Mikey struggles to adapt to single life again after the divorce. Soon though, Jason secretly breaks the vow and begins to date Ellie (Imogen Poots), whom he initially mistakes for a prostitute. Daniel is the next to break the vow, and begins a relationship with Chelsea. Mikey and his ex-wife soon reconnect, if only for a casual relationship. Each keep their respective relationships a secret, resulting in a negative effect on the women they see.
The script made its way on the Blacklist in 2010. It is hard to see why. I want you to read the synopsis above again. Guess the ending. Go on guess. Yes, happily ever after. The majority are not complex characters and the plot meanders along with a lot of stupidity. Most of these romantic comedies could easily be solved with direct honesty. Directly and honestly, formulaic comedies are amongst my top hates. That being said, the cast are allowed some rope when it comes to the laughs. Not unlike Knocked Up (2005) or Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2007), Are We Officially Dating? actually allows the cast to rap off one and other.
Miles Teller leads this improvisation, a result from his previous work. His is actually the most impressive performance of the lot, having numerous chances to show off his range. Michael B. Jordan is a new face to me. He was barely passable, most of the time coming off whiney and sickly. Imogen Poots’ work was suficent, if lacking in naturalism and consistency. Now, Efron. I was pleasantly surprised. He was charming and actually has a decent sense of humour about him. Are We Offically Dating allowed him to SAFEY enter the world of adult comedy without losing too much self-respect.
Standing back a little, the film is interesting to look at. Not only does Zac Efron make the jump from tweeny bopper to practically nude for half the movie (no, I’m not kidding, you even get to see him pee), but he actually produced the film. He, himself, is spearheading this move to maturity. Unfortunately, this blacklisted script is destroyed by Gormican’s directoral debut. The worst problem is the films inability to find a target audience. Zac Efron being charming and gratuitously nude lends itself to a chick flick. But when you hear the comedy and the few jokes that do work, it begins to look like a bromance. Only talented directors and casts can throw a net over both audiences.
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2013.09.07 00:10 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Dave Franco & Christopher Mintz-Plasse here. We're on a road trip across America with Funny Or Die. AUA!

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Questions Answers
Dave: Don't tell James, but I think you're at least 70% more attractive than him. (chris) there is a more innocent side to mclovin that is similar to me, and more mature, darker side to mfer that I can also relate to.
Chris: Are you more like McLovin or Red Mist/Motherfucker? (dave) i literally just copied your comment and forwarded it to my bro.
Hey buddies. You guys are hilarious. What's your favorite breakfast consist of? <3. Each other. <3.
Dave, you had a cameo as a classmate of Jonah Hill's in Superbad, yet then played a high schooler in 21 Jump Street when he played a mid-20s cop. Is he aging in double speed, or are you aging at half speed? (dave) The most simple way to answer this is: I look like a fetus. I try to grow facial hair, but it sprouts out of my face in patches-- leaving me looking like a Chris Mintz Plasse- type. It's embarrassing.
Chris, just want to compliment you on your music taste; Incubus rock! Haha Steve Rennie just did an AMA, incidentally, and I'm off to see Ben Kenney play a solo show in a few weeks! (chris) thanks!! i saw kenney do a solo show at the roxy a few months ago, killer show, enjoy!
I heard you had to have your mom in the room during your sex scene in “Superbad” because at the time you were under 18. My question is: what was your first reaction when you heard your mom had to be in the room during that scene? What embarrassing home stories can you tell us involving your brother James? My first reaction was to not even tell her about it. We had to hold filming for 45 minutes until she got to set. LOVE MY MOM - chris.
Christopher, after superbad did you feel any pressure to get out from the typecast of mclovin? Dave, when breaking into the industry did you feel any pressure to get out from the shadow of your brother's success? (chris) I didn't feel any pressure, it was really just the question of "will I work again", and have been very lucky so far!
What are you guys' favorite food and celebrity crush? (chris) Jessica alba to both.
I just have a question for Christopher. Is it true that when on the set of Kick-Ass 2 you pranked Jim Carrey by dressing up in a full-body elephant costume and kicking the Port-A-Potty he was in until he ran out shrieking, pants down and bottom unwiped? I heard about it from my uncle, who was a choreographer on the film. He seemed to think it was funny although it’s hard to tell with him sometimes. One day after filming he kept shouting about how whiny Jeff Wadlow is but my aunt said the next afternoon they were playing backgammon in his parlor like always. Also sometimes he leaves town for days and won’t tell anyone where he’s been but we can all smell liquor on his breath. Do you have an uncle, Christopher? Sometimes I wish I didn’t. Your uncle is actually my uncle.
Hi! In y’alls opinion, what’s the worst/most nerve-wracking part of auditions? I love acting, but auditions terrify me. (dave) auditioning sucks. and never really gets easier... a casting director once asked me to "slate" (which basically means to look into the camera and say your name), and I misheard her and thought she asked me to "sleep."... so ya, i slept in an audition. I slept so fucking hard.
Also, y’all crack me up, and I’d add more…but well…I’m supposed to be working. :D. Re: music... check out the new album by Volcano Choir (it's the side project from the lead singer of Bon Iver)
OH! Any recommendations on music? (chris' suggestion): Sky Blue Sky by Wilco!
Chris, what was it like dry humping Aubrey Plaza? Sex scenes are always uncomfortable, but Aubrey was an incredible sport about it all. She had to shoot a whole god damn movie with sex scenes! - Chris.
Dave, ja feel? You ja made my day.
Dave you're my favorite Franco brother. When you cast as Kol in Scrubs, were most of your lines scripted or was there a lot of improv on your part? Also why didn't you roast your brother?! Would have been so good. A.) you clearly haven't met our other brother, Tom... he's the unanimous favorite. B.) The writing for Scrubs was really smart, but they still allowed us to be loose with the material. I tried to sing whenever possible-- cause if you hadn't noticed, I sound like a huge douche when i sing-- which was perfect for the role. C.) I woulda bombed.
Hey Dave, so after watching Now You See Me and other movies you're in, my fiancé has an uncontrollable urge to go "unnghh he's good looking" and openly admits to me that she has a crush on you. Slightly concerning? Anyways, is there anything you could say to her to appease this relentless attraction to you? I will allow it. Thank you! (dave) direct her towards my funnyordie video "You're So Hot", where I tell another man-- in vivid detail-- how much I want to fuck him... maybe that'll make the crush subside...?
Dave, Chris; thanks for doing this AMA! (dave) -favorite role: Eric in 21 jump street... Although I was cast as yet another asshole (which seemed to be a trend for a while), it was at least a 3-dimensional asshole.
Do you two plan on doing a movie together any time soon? We just finished a movie called Neighbors (check out the trailer--it just went up!). and we're in the process of trying to remake "Stuck On You."
Hi Chris, what was it like being on This is the End? Was it just a big party of improvising? It was gnarly! two days in New orleans with those guys was amazing, but all the comedic force on set was what made the movie.
My name is Heather! I'm a huge fan of both of yours. I was wondering what each of your favorite movies is? and Dave, can you please be in Kick Ass 3?? That would be amazing, THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!! (Dave) Stand By Me... no question.
(chris) not Stand By Me.
Chris, what is the most commonly used name on earth? Dave, how do you feel about being compaired to a younger, better looking, more jewish Chris O'Dowd? (chris) you know that answer!! don't make me quote my own movie god damnit :)
If i had a birthday party and invited you both, and then destroyed your reputations as entertainers but you didn't know it was me behind such a sinister act, would you come? My birthday is in eleven days so i kinda need to know. Edit: ok I pm'ed my address. i did it guys. What's the address?
What do you smell like? (dave) aloe vera natural soap (chris) women's deoderant.
Hi! My sister and I are big, big fans of you guys (especially of your funny or die videos)! Thank you guys so much for giving us the opportunity to ask question, and of course, thank you guys for making us laugh all the fucking time! For both of you: What inspired you guys to do the funny or die videos for the "You're So Hot" series? Just saw your newest video together and it's all possiiible! Are you guys really going on a road trip for funny or die?! (Dave) -Chris and his buddies used to play "You're So Hot" as an improv game. He introduced me to the game on the set of Fright Night, and it immediately surpassed "shoots and ladders" as my favorite game of all time. - The road trip is definitely happening! Follow along at http://
Can I start calling you The Motherfucker? You can, and it definitely might turn me on.
Yo Chris, when people see you on the streets are they like "what up McLovin?" That, or "let me buy you a shot mclovin!"
Hi Chris and Dave. You two are like the funniest guys ever and I love watching all your FOD videos and films. (dave) I once ate oreo cookie cream sandwiched in between two wheat thins.
A few questions: Are you coming to Chicago on your road trip and if so, when? And what do you consider the craziest thing you’ve ever done (together or separately, doesn’t matter). (chris) in a few days I will be skydiving, so that will probably take the cake. We will be in chicago wed!
Both of you: what celebrities have you met that are completely different from what you originally thought of them? (dave) this is a tough question because if someone ended up being surprisingly nice, than that implies that I thought they were an asshole to begin with... and the same thing vice versa... i don't wanna ruffle any feathers...
But let's just say... Chris... I thought he was taller... but he's actually my height!
How did you two meet? On the set of Superbad or some time after that? We met briefly on Superbad, and fell in love on Fright Night.
This question goes to both Dave and Chris. What was the most epic party you've ever been to? I kind of avoid huge parties, due to most people wanting to get me REALLY drunk, or they are REALLY drunk and love to touch me (chris)
Question for both: Who is one actor or actress you would like to work with that you haven't so far in your careers? I think for me, directors are up there now. Scorcese, Tarentino (chris)
You guys are kick-ass by the way ;D. (dave) Spike Jonze, PTA, Wes Anderson.
Quick question for Chris: Was it weird doing that scene in Movie 43, or did you guys just laugh about it? we laughed...but that uncomfortable laugh... you know (chris)
Chris- Do you think you'll ever do any dramas? Dave- You're in a Good Son situation, holding Chris with one hand and your cat in the other. You have to drop one to save the other. Who's the Macaulay and who's the Elijah Wood you pull up to safety? (dave) I'd drop chris even if I wasn't holding my cat in the other hand.
Dave, in 21 Jump Street, were you wearing the ring necklace that comes with the special edition of the game Uncharted 3 or did it just look really similar? Obvi!
Dave, how did you enjoy your time on Scrubs, and do you relate more to your character there or your character in 21 Jump Street? In regards to which douchey character I related to more... hmmm... not quite sure how to answer this...
Chris, do you ever regret playing McLovin and potentially getting type cast in further roles? (chris) No way. I wouldn't have the opportunities I have now if it wasn't for that role.
My friend and I saw a screening of Neighbors a few weeks ago. You were both great in it so congratulations on your attractive camera-ready butts and Chris's prosthetic wiener. Also, was it Dave's idea to have Seth's coworker's cubicle covered in cats? Prosthetic? Im offended (chris)
Hello guys, I’m one of your fans whom live in Chicago. Just a quick question. Since you guys are leaving for a cross country trip is there any plan for you guys to visit Chicago and do something nice and cool? If so please let me know, wants to join ye !!! We'll be there wednesday-- check out the twitter accounts at the top of this page for all the live updates... just know, our activity in Chicago involves pizza... a pizza Chris' ass--HEYOOO!!! (chris)
You guys are both super awesome! What are your guy's favorite tv shows to watch? Chris, any chance The Young Rapscallions make it up to Seattle any time in the near future? (dave) breaking bad! (chris) BREAKING BAD!
Hey Dave, your impersonation of DeNiro in the Neighbors trailer is hilarious! Can you impersonate other celebrities? If so, whats your personal best one? He can do a great impression of zac efron, doing dave, doing deniro ( I know, confusing) (chris)
Hi Dave and Chris!!! :D Who will be driving mostly on this road trip??? Who is the better driver between the two of you??? I hope you can make a detour to Canada at some point during the week!!! :D As much as we would love to drive, we will be having someone drive the bus around! Dave is definitely the better driver (chris)
I think daves gone missing? .. coming to the UK i hope!! En route! you wanna meet at the 3rd vintage clothing shop on the left on Portobello Road??
Hi Dave and Christopher! Thanks for doing this AMA! I became super stoked when I saw you two were scheduled. Dave, I just wanted to say that you were awesome on Scrubs and Cole is one of my favorite characters in the series because of how hilarious you were. Christopher, I'm sure you get this all the time but you were so awesome in Role Models! Augie actually inspired a few of my friends to take up LARP. Chris: What's the weirdest experience you've had with a fan? Dave and Chris: How do you two deal with type-casting? I'm sure that seems like a decent problem unless both of you don't mind that sort of thing? Once again, thank you for doing this! Thank you!! I loved working on Role Models, one of my favorites. Weirdest experience...hmm I have had quite a few. People stalking me in a car is up there! We both do worry about being typecast, but I think we are in a good position right now to not have to rush into choosing projects that don't excite us. (chris)
So exactly why are you guys going on this road trip? What's all this nonsense about It's All Possible? Is this an an anti-drugs PSA? :/ Funnyordie and LG is giving us this awesome opportunity to do a bunch of stuff we've always wanted to do-- like skydiving, flyboarding, officiating a wedding, etc etc... Most importantly, we hate drugs!
Can I drop my cum bombs into your ass trench? Ass trench open...waiting... (chris)
Chris, what was your experience like on the Pitch Perfect and or Fright Night set? Pitch perfect was crazy, I came in a month in, and it was like a theatre camp. Everyone was so close, and always singing. But I had a blast and am now close with a few of those people! Fright Night was a blast, but a pain in the ass to wear that makeup.
CMP I remember seeing somewhere that you only took a few acting classes before you landed the role of McLovin. Would you say those few classes paid off for you or were they really necessary? All the classes I've taken seem just like yoga/stress relief classes. I had actually been acting in theatre since I was 8, so I had some sort understanding about acting before Superbad.
Big fan of you guys! Dave Franco: What was it like "fucking yourself" in your funny or die short video clip?? The old spit in the hand technique is a real winner! The rhythm was off... and only one of us came...
What was the most memorable experience you've ever had meeting fans? All of them are great, I remember a fan coming to one of my bands shows, and making little bracelets for me and my band mates. it was so sweet (chris)
Chris, would you ever let Dave join the young rapscallions? Dave, would you ever name your cat after Chris or any of his movie roles? I love the guy, but he has zero musical talent!! unless you count kisses as music :) (chris)
Chris and Dave, What do you love most about each other? Its hard to choose I know, you're both so loveable (chris) his dimples. (dave) his ass dimples.
Chris: (lol almost added a 't' to your name) May I ask what are 3 most important people/things/passions etc... in your life that makes you the happiest? Glad that "t" didnt make it in there! :) my parents, and my brother, my drum kit, my house, and my band, music, acting, and AMAs!! (chris)
Dave: Did you really throw up for reals on Chris's face in You're so Hot Pt2? :o Also if you could be any piece of candy, which would you be? (dave) -Yes. I hate white sauce--all white sauce. -I would be a the stick in a packet of Fun-Dip.
Chris do you mind being called McLovin? Not at all!! (chris)
Dave, I think you're handsome and I wanna hang out with you. Chris, I saw you at FYF Fest and I wanted to say hi and shake your hand, but I was sick so I didn't want to make you sick or something. Anyway, what was it like working with Chloe Grace Moretz? You should have said hi!! but actually, im glad im not sick, thank you! (chris)
Would you rather fight one hundred duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? Does the big duck still have a horse-sized dick?
Hi Chris and Dave! Would you guys rather masterbate to James Franco's sex tape for an hour, or eat worms out of each other's buttholes? (dave) obvi masturbate to my bro!
Will we ever see a movie with you two as the leads? SOON (chris)
What is your favorite animal, and why? (dave) Link to
Chris, I saw you on some Fuse "Top 20 Countdown" show a couple months ago as a guest, talking with the host about favorite summer music or something. You listed some of your fave bands/songs, and then the guy, having no clue who you're talking about, goes on to say how he likes Miley Cyrus' and Robin Thicke's new songs...I just kinda cringed, but why go on Fuse to discuss music? Love music! huge part of my life, plus I play drums as well (chris)
Both of you enter a gladiator style arena who walks out alive and why We both walk out...nude... asking for more!
Dave franco I wanna suck your dick, haha just kidding. But seriously whats it like working with Mark ruffalo. It's like sucking my dick.
I want to have sex with you guys. Yay!!! :)
Yay!!! :) Wee!!! ;)
You guys have to split up and answer more questions. BREAK Chris and Dave. We broke up, and it hurts. im crying. (chris)
Hi, guys! I love the friendship you both share and ever since I saw the announcement on FOD that you two were going on a week long road trip, I was wondering if there were any plans to head to the East Coast! I'd love to meet you two in person. If you happen to find yourself in Ithaca!
You guys should develop a rob Schneider Adam Sandler type relationship you can do it Can we both be Schneider!??!
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